The FBI or the Stasi?

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The FBI is not a law enforcement organization. It has become the American Stasi.

Does it do anything besides abuse its power? Presumably so. I am still naive or optimistic enough to assume that most people who join the agency are patriotic Americans who want to preserve our freedoms.


I am probably being naive here, but if my wife were kidnapped I would call the FBI and be grateful for their help.

Long ago I gave up on the TV version of the Bureau. The square-jawed noble fighters who slay evildoers daily are a PR gift by Hollywood to the agency, but still, most FBI agents are probably decent people doing a tough job.

But their leaders? They are, it turns out, a bunch of corrupt hacks, and far too few agents are willing to buck the system. Perhaps they are wise to do so, given what happens to anybody who objects. You could become homeless. The FBI did this to an agent. Now the Democrats are sliming them as traitors.


The latest scandal and coverup broke on Friday. You will no doubt not be shocked to learn that the FBI broke the law yet again, combing through databases to their heart’s content. Not just once or twice breaking the law, but 278,000 times.

That is quite a crime spree. No doubt people will be going to jail for computer crimes!


Yeah, right.

The FBI says it has already fixed the problems, which it blamed on a misunderstanding between its employees and Justice Department lawyers about how to properly use a vast database named for the legal statute that created it, Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

But the failures to use the Section 702 database correctly when collecting information about U.S. citizens and others may make it harder for the agency to marshal support in Congress to renew the law, which is due to expire at the end of this year. It may also create additional head winds for the FBI, which has been under attack for years by former president Donald Trump and his political supporters. House lawmakers aligned with Trump held a hearing this week trying to show that the nation’s premier law enforcement agency is biased against conservatives.

I can’t imagine why conservatives think the FBI is biased. They only spent the last decade harassing conservatives, concocting a fake conspiracy to bring down a president, shield the current president and his family–including a son who committed multiple felonies on video–from the investigation, and the FBI was filled with top agents who conspired to bring down a president.


Other than that there is nothing suspicious going on.

Imagine, if you will, that the behavior of the FBI was the same, but the targets were Democrats. Think, for a moment, about the possibility of an armed FBI team storming Barack Obama’s home. Do you think that would be tolerated? Celebrated? Applauded in the media?

Yeah. Sure. Absolutely. Nobody is above the law.

We know that Obama was briefed about Hillary Clinton’s scheme to cook up the Russiagate conspiracy and that the FBI knew that the Steele Dossier was totally bogus. Yet they spent years pushing the conspiracy theory, and Obama in 2016 started ominously warning about Russian interference in the election.

We appear to be past the point where anybody near the top of the FBI should be allowed to keep their jobs. At a minimum, anybody who has climbed the ladder of the agency and achieved a high rank–SAIC or above–should be fired. They are all participants in a system they must know to be corrupt, and are complicit.


You don’t get ahead without the people at the top trusting you, and the people at the top are corrupt.

For the second time in a week, the FBI has announced that they have reformed corrupt processes and that they are clean as the driven snow.

When you have to apologize for breaking the law twice in the same week, perhaps the problem isn’t loose procedures. Just sayin’.

We simply must win the 2024 elections to clean house. Right now the Biden Administration is using the FBI as its own Stasi, and the only price paid has been that of the people who are standing up for the law.

It’s disgusting and corrosive. Our country cannot survive this.

It’s up to us to stop it.

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David Strom 8:00 AM | July 25, 2024