Everybody lied. Everybody. This is why we need independent media!

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The Durham Report came out yesterday afternoon, and at over 300 dense pages with footnotes I can confidently assure you that nobody has digested everything in the report, and that definitely includes me.


Ed wrote an outstanding piece yesterday that scratches the surface of the facts and provides highlights of the conclusions, and you should read it. There will surely be much more to come.

At least there will be much more in the independent media. In the MSM? It will be more of a squib than a bombshell. Nobody wants to do a deep dive because pretty much everybody was in on the long con. The Clinton campaign started the Russia hoax, the Obama Administration backed her up, the CIA knew it was BS but supported the narrative, and the FBI opened a multi-year investigation based upon what it knew from the beginning to be politically motivated lies.

The Durham Report lays out what a fraud it all was, and frankly, some of what was done should count as treason. As in the hanging kind. Think Peter Strzok, to begin with. Add in Adam Schiff. They, in my judgment, committed treason. Strzok is making bank and Schiff will be rewarded with a seat in the Senate.

The CIA briefed President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s plan to fake a Russia collusion hoax on July 26, 2020. Every single person involved in the Russia collusion story at the government level, including the FBI, knew that this was a Hillary Clinton scheme to smear Donald Trump. The Durham Report lays out the scam in great detail.

Not only did they all approve, but they also went into overdrive. They violated FBI rules, lied to courts, steamrolled anybody with doubts, and worked overtime to destroy Donald Trump both before the election and during his presidency.


This is what those of us in the biz call the “Deep State.” It is very real and very very corrupt. It is essentially a shadow government, totally empowered to abuse power to achieve its political goals. Without the Russia collusion hoax, the past 7 years would have been wildly different, and Donald Trump would likely be president today.

This was a soft coup.

The key element of this–let’s call it what it is–conspiracy was the Mainstream Media. Initially, the MSM was pretty skeptical of the Steele Dossier for obvious reasons: it smelled like sewage that had been marinating for several days in the July heat. But it was just too juicy to ignore, and James Comey provided them with cover to spill the beans. That was the purpose of his briefing Trump about the dossier and leaking that fact to the media–get the ball rolling. And boy did the ball get rolling!

What followed was years of lies, including giving Adam Schiff a megaphone to spew the most vile lies to the American people.

After even the scantest perusal of the Durham Report, it is impossible to conclude that anything that came out of Schiff’s mouth was remotely true, and it is just as impossible to conclude that the media was unaware of that fact. It was an open secret in Washington that this was all made up. The “investigations” by Congress and the FBI leaked like sieves–and the media breathlessly repeated what they certainly knew were lies.


The New York Times and Washington Post got Pulitzer Prizes for perpetrating a hoax. They are very proud of lying to you for years. They made bank on it too!

The FBI Inspector General essentially proved, years ago, that the FBI broke laws and lied to the FISA Court and the media persisted in promoting the lies. They did so not just because they hated Trump–and in many cases, they didn’t do so primarily because they hated Trump, who was great for business–they did it because they hate you and me. Trump was our proxy in this grand battle. What the media really wanted to do was destroy the movement that put Trump into office.

That is why the MAGA hatred has continued since Trump was defeated in 2020. Trump was still a focus of the MSM’s negative coverage, but the slander expanded to parents at school board meetings, the “Mega MAGA” movement, and all those fake “White Supremacists.” Ron DeSantis, Brian Kemp, Glenn Youngkin, and any successful Republican got the Trump treatment because it is our commitment to American values they cannot abide, not the flawed vessel of Donald Trump. How many articles have you seen about how DeSantis is “worse than Trump.”

Americans need independent media outlets like Hot Air for this reason. Unlike the MSM, none of us here are part of the Beltway crowd. We are about as independent as you can get, and we tell you what we know and what we think. That doesn’t mean we are always right, and we surely don’t always agree with each other. But we tell you what we believe to be the truth and give you our best good-faith analyses.


Because we aren’t part of the Beltway to New York elite, we can’t count on corporate America to shovel billions in advertising dollars into our coffers. Our advertisers have more guts but smaller budgets, and we need your help to keep the faith alive.

That’s why we keep asking you to join our VIP program, and why I am asking for you to do so right now.

If you value our work – and obviously you do, since you are reading this 800 words into my pitch – please become a VIP member and use the code RUSSIAHOAX for 50% off.

That’s a great deal for you and a real help to us. None of us gets paid the big bucks, let me tell you. You would laugh at me if I told you what I make to write thousands of words a day. I do it because I think it is vital that we work hard RIGHT NOW to save our nation.

America in 2023 is in a similar position to America in 1979. Things are falling apart and our leadership is feckless. But unlike in 1979, the people in charge today WANT things to fall apart. Jimmy Carter was a bad president but not a bad man. Democrats were wrong then, but not anti-American. Everybody in the Elite still wanted the American Experiment to succeed.


That is no longer the case. Joe Biden has been selling out America to our enemies for years–how many millions has the Chinese Communist Party funneled into the Biden family? The FBI now colludes with Democrats to bring down a legitimately elected President. The Administration has opened the Southern border to an invasion, with millions crossing the border every year.

The list goes on, and you know the list.

We need your help to fight this battle for the soul and future of America. Please join the battle with your VIP membership, and don’t forget to use the code RUSSIAHOAX for 50% off.

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