CDC can't quit COVID

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Masks may not do anything to prevent the spread of COVID, but the CDC has gobs of PR money to spend so they keep churning out the mask propaganda nonetheless.

The new material appears to be for the…less intellectually endowed. Some of them are for children, but many of them are basically dumbed-down comic books for adults.


It’s hard to know how to feel about these pamphlets and videos. They are patronizing, off-putting, insulting the intelligence of anybody over 5 years old, and filled with misinformation. The idea that masks actually prevent getting or spreading COVID is about as debunked as the idea that the Earth is flat, but the CDC plows on trying to convince us that they do.

The videos are similarly stupid, if not specifically misinforming. Here is a video instructing us how to wash our hands. While not specifically bad advice, it talks down to us in a way that anybody over 3 would find offensive.

Honestly, I have dealt with 4-year-olds. They would be offended if I spoke like this.

Some of the media are old, like this video. Some is still being pumped out, with mask propaganda still being spewed online by the CDC as late as this month.

Pushing masks in 2023 is pretty on-brand for the CDC, as is talking down to the American people.

The propaganda quality of this work is frustrating enough, but what really burns me is the disproportionate emphasis on protecting children from COVID. In the grand list of things that harm children in America COVID doesn’t come close to being an important problem.

COVID is still dangerous for people who are old or very sick, but for most of us it just isn’t a big problem, and for children, it barely registers. If the CDC spent half the time it spent on COVID in kids focused on child-proofing pools, many more lives would be saved.


Accidental drownings are the #1 cause of death in children 1-4. Yet they are spending god-awful amounts of money telling parents to mask their children still.

One of the biggest sins of the modern propaganda mill is how distorted a view of reality it provides. Even when focusing on real problems the sense of proportion is rarely there. In a rational world one would focus on the biggest problems first, and the smallest problems last.

Instead, we get the crisis-du-jour, where some politico or bureaucrat decides that we all should care about the current “thing,” regardless of how important.

Well, for the CDC COVID is still the “thing,” at least until another biolab releases a new killer bug. They just can’t quite COVID.

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