Catholic university forces women to room with men

A lot of parents have been sending their kids to religious schools in order to avoid the excesses of Leftist policies.

Well, that was a mistake. Catholic universities are just as woke as any other, apparently. Despite the fact that even the liberal Pope has spoken out against transgender ideology, the academic bureaucracy at St. Thomas University in St. Paul is secretly putting trans students into single-sex dorms with women, even hiding their gender from their dormmates.


They even give preferential housing choices if you claim to be trans. Nice.

I am not particularly surprised by this fact, although of course, I am appalled. Both my wife and I were adjuncts at The University St Thomas in the 1990s, teaching political science. Even back then the University was a cesspool of liberal ideas, with the president cozying up to Fidel Castro.

The University has been rapidly moving away from its Catholic mission, rapidly separating itself from ties to the Archdiocese of St Paul, although they continue to host a seminary. The current president isn’t even a priest, as they had been. Instead, he was the Dean of the Law School, where he was an inaugural recipient of the Minnesota Lawyer Diversity and Inclusion Award for his DEI work.

They are, these days, only nominally Catholic. They don’t even embrace their Catholic identity. The school now describes itself as “inspired” by Catholic theology, not actual practitioners of it. In fact, they reject it when they feel like it.

Our founding was inspired by Catholic intellectual tradition, a 2,000-year-old practice of uniting faith and reason to explore the world. Rooted in this Catholic identity, we are committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I); our convictions call us to protect and enhance the dignity of every human and to work for a more just and equitable society. At the University of St. Thomas, we develop future leaders of all faiths looking to make a positive impact on the world.


Catholic theology is defined in this statement as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Yep, when I was catechized that was the gist, right?

The University was founded by Archbishop John Ireland in 1885 as a seminary. A seminary. It wasn’t “inspired by” the Catholic intellectual tradition. It was founded to ensure its continuation by producing priests who evangelize for it.

Now? The school is so committed to ensuring that radical DE&I ideology is promoted that they have a secret policy to put transgender students into single-sex dorms–literally forcing female students to room with men, hiding that fact both from the students and from their parents.

The school is a fraud, literally. Parents send their kids there thinking they are getting a Catholic education. They promote the fact that many faculty members are priests. They have a seminary. They have a Catholic church on campus. And they force women to live with men, giving actual preferential treatment to the men in question.

They actually charge transgender students a lower rate for rooms.

Why do they hide the transgender identity of the students being placed in women’s rooms?

There might be an uproar! People might object! So they hide the fact from them because they simply don’t care about actual women. Fake women are more important.


This is a variation of the “making people feel safe” dodge–every woman who feels unsafe sharing private spaces with men has to like it or lump it because everything exists solely for the purpose of making transgender people happy.

The University of St. Thomas clearly still encourages people to pray to a god, but in this case that god is the female penis.

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