USA Today: Republicans are mean to Kamala

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Kamala Harris is a genius politician, but nobody likes her because Republicans pounce on her or something.

That is the upshot of USA Today’s brilliant analysis of Kamala’s political troubles.


There is something truly fascinating about this line of analysis. Kamala is the sort of politician who could only get elected in deep Blue areas that are utterly unconcerned with actual intelligence or competence in their elected officials. You know, a place like California.

She is a profoundly stupid person, and once she is forced to compete for votes instead of simply being chosen for her demographics and…intimacy…with the Establishment she falls flat on her face.

Remember how the media loved her in the race for the 2020 nomination? They fawned all over her, but the voters were so unimpressed that she had to drop out before the first votes were cast in the primaries. She was that bad. Being a sort of black woman was seen as a real asset by the media elite, but it turns out that voters didn’t care a bit because she had no other qualifications.

She made Hillary Clinton look like a savvy candidate.

Still, the media wants desperately to save Kamala from her own idiocy. So they are trying to prop her up yet again.

WASHINGTON – Republican attacks on Vice President Kamala Harris are taking hold, and the White House is running out of time to reframe the narrative, Democrats say.

At a meeting two days after President Joe Biden announced his 2024 reelection bid, a group of Democratic strategists told the White House as much during a briefing for television pundits on the pair’s agenda.

For more than two years, Republicans had been trying to paint Harris as incompetent. And yet, the strategists found, the White House was still developing its strategy for how to combat the ruthless assault against the first Black and Asian American woman to hold the vice presidency.

A discussion ensued about ways to lift up Harris and improve her image, four participants in the meeting said. Democrats in the room argued that Harris would benefit from more public appearances in environments where she can be herself and in front of voting groups with whom she is already popular.


Does anybody actually believe that Kamala is unpopular because Republicans are attacking her? Let’s think about that idea for a moment: Fox News, the most popular non-Democrat-owned media outlet, gets a few million viewers a day. Compared to all the MSM outlets they are a pimple on the butt of the media landscape. They are popular, for sure, but hardly the tribune of truth for the average voter. Their viewers tend to be committed Republicans or Right-leaning voters. Every one of these people has a well-developed view of Kamala going back years.

Kamala’s problem is with independents, who dislike her because she is really quite stupid. It really is that simple. It has nothing to do with race, gender, or any other demographic factors. She is dumb and unlikeable.

I know that is an unkind thing to say, but there it is. She is a vapid, inarticulate harridan whose most articulate moments are when she cackles uncontrollably. She thinks talking about how great yellow school buses are is impressive. She rhapsodizes about Venn Diagrams. She, at her best, sounds like a Jack Handy joke.

She tries so hard to be Barack Obama, but unlike Barry, whom I dislike intensely as a politician, she is neither smart nor charming. Obama was both. He used his intelligence and charm in the pursuit of evil policies, but damn he was good at it. I almost miss him for that. I would have loved to have him on our side. I dislike the man but admire the politician. He is smooth and smart.


Kamala? She is a moron. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Well, no. I don’t. I mean it in the most direct way possible. She is stupid. She is a diversity hire. She was picked because she ticked certain boxes and for no other reason. She has the IQ of a child’s height measured in inches. Maybe that high.

And now USA Today wants us to believe that her real problem is that Kevin McCarthy said something mean about her. Or maybe Sean Hannity.

Uh, no. Kamala’s problem is Kamala.


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