Biden promises to veto border control

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Joe Biden isn’t backtracking on his commitment to keep the border wide open.

Despite his weak protestations that he is committed to finding a solution to the border crisis his own policies created, today he promised to veto a Republican bill to beef up border security.


It’s an interesting move for a man of whom nobody approves who has decided to campaign for reelection.

There are between 700,000 and a million migrants waiting to cross the border, and Biden’s policies have already invited between 6 and 7 million illegal migrants into the country since his inauguration. Honestly, everybody is saying it is going to get worse, but my imagination is too weak to comprehend it.

In the midst of this crisis, Biden is shrugging, with his Homeland Security Secretary insisting that the border is secure, his press secretary claiming that border crossings are down 90%, and that Republicans are really mean.


It’s like talking to a 3-year-old. Which, I suppose, is just like talking to a senile 80-year-old, so there is that. They both love ice cream and will eat it for dinner.

The White House said Monday that President Biden will veto Republicans’ border security bill if it reaches his desk, saying it’s too harsh on illegal immigrants.

Administration officials complained that the new GOP bill would make it tougher to catch and release new arrivals, and would cut off “nearly all access” for illegal immigrants to claim protection here in the U.S.

And while complaining that Congress has been slow to act, the White House statement of policy said this attempt to act goes the wrong direction.

The difference is that a 3-year-old can be a lot of fun, while a senile Joe Biden has the power to destroy the country.

The question that keeps popping up in my mind is why nobody but Peter Doocy will challenge the White House on any of the blatant lies they are telling. I understand they support Biden and are bootlickers, but even kings had court jesters who would remind them of their mortality and try to keep them grounded.


I suppose that is how they see Doocy.

The scale of the crisis is so large that even the MSM is beginning to cover it because they pretty much can’t avoid it. When NYC–where the MSM is based–is in crisis mode and Mayor Adams is screaming about it the problem becomes impossible to ignore.

I really am beginning to wonder if there is a movement among Establishment Democrats to find an alternative, and Gavin Newsom has been auditioning for the job. Harris is a problem for them, but perhaps she can remain as VP? Would she take it?

Don’t be surprised if Biden has a major health crisis in the coming months.

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