Convoys of buses filled with migrants leaving Panama daily

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Human trafficking is big business, and the Unites States government is right in the middle of it.

Not profiting monetarily from it, I hope. Instead we are subsidizing the invasion of our country. You’ve seen the results at our border, but perhaps you haven’t seen the UN and US-funded camps from which millions of migrants begin their journey to the US.


The journey itself begins in Panama for many. A massive camp serving thousands of people a day is run by the UN with US funding. Migrants are fed, rested, given maps and advice, and are encouraged to take the dangerous trip to the border.

Michael Yon is a former Special Forces operator – Green Beret – and one of the world’s most accomplished war correspondents. Right now, he is at the Darien Gap in Panama – a hub for human trafficking and illegal immigration. This is where migrants are put on buses to take them further on the journey where the destination is the U.S. southern border.

The Darien Gap camp is a transit point for migrants coming from all corners of the world. It is largely managed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) – a United Nations agency that promotes and facilitates migration from developing countries and China to the West.

Ironically, despite the warnings about the potential dangers of making the trek, the UN and US ensure that it begins as easily as possible. They even helpfully provided information on routes and how to get across the US border.  The promised land awaits you after an arduous journey.


Not long ago the Darien gap was one of the most dangerous places for migrants in the world, but the US and UN have been building infrastructure to aid the process of getting to the US border.

Despite those efforts–the funding, the buses, the maps…Mexico itself is a hideously dangerous place for the migrants on their trek.

So dangerous, in fact, that the UN distributes to every migrant a “rape kit” complete with a whistle, condoms, and morning after pills. Chances are good, they say, that many of you will be sexually assaulted along the way.

Most Americans don’t realize how the migrant operation has become a well-oiled machine until they hit the Mexican border. Moving millions of people is no small task, and the US under Joe Biden is actively colluding in the process.

When we think of the hinterlands in Latin America luxury buses don’t come to mind. But since the migrants themselves aren’t paying the freight, the beginning of the journey is made as comfortable as practical in the middle of nowhere.


It’s almost as if the people involved want to create the false impression that the journey won’t be that bad.

It will be.

All this begs the question: why is the Biden Administration hell-bent on facilitating the invasion of our country? Under Joe Biden the US will add the population of New York City, and if he is reelected the numbers will more than double that.

That is an impossibly large number to absorb. The vast majority have little education, speak no English, have skills that are poor matches for the jobs we need done, and in many cases they are bringing disease and crime along with their dreams.

None of this is good for US citizens, and last I checked we elect presidents to serve US citizens.

Even if you buy the argument that we must help out of compassion, encouraging people to make the dangerous journey is hardly compassionate. Encouraging people to traverse cartel-land, brave rape gangs, and be forced into indebtedness to pay the tolls for passage makes that clear. Most of these migrants must work years just to pay off their debts to the cartels, lest their families be killed back home.


At one level I can see the benefit to the establishment: more cheap labor and more social discord they can use to enhance their power. On the other hand, I am shocked by both the cynicism and cruelty that must dominate their souls.

Alejandro Mayorkas gets his share of criticism from Republicans, but we still act as if our dispute is merely about policy. It isn’t. What Mayorkas and the Biden Administration are doing is evil. It harms America. It harms the migrants. And it enriches some of the most evil people on Earth, the cartels.

This isn’t bad public policy. It is evil in action.

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