Those scary guns the National Guard leaker possessed? Airsoft rifles

This captures so much about the MSM. It combines total ignorance and open contempt for their audience along with a determined insistence that whatever the intelligence community says must be accepted at face value.


Before I get into the story I want to make clear that am not a fan of dropping classified documents into the public realm, with the exception of whistleblowers revealing the corruption of government. I haven’t followed this story closely, so I really haven’t an opinion worth sharing about the whole affair.

What little I know makes me inclined to think the leaker was a troubled guy looking for admiration, and I have no sense that he was performing a public service of any kind. If this is so, he deserves prosecution. But without diving into the case my opinion is nothing more than a vague feeling and unworthy of consideration.

With that out of the way, I do have a strong opinion about the propaganda we are being fed, and there appears to be proof that we are being lied to.

If you watch the video you will see a stash of “guns” near Jack Teixeira’s bed. We are being led to believe he was getting ready to start a race war or something, getting armed-up for the fight. Look! He has an arsenal!


Perhaps he was, for all I know. But the evidence being put forward in this report doesn’t support it.

This report, from Catherine Herridge who has always seemed to me to be a good reporter, is pathetic. I assume her own mistakes are driven by a willingness to simply accept what she was told by the government. It’s an easy mistake to make, and the surface evidence appeared to support the claim. Until you actually look closely.

If you look at the end of the barrels each of those guns has an orange ring at the end. These indicate that they are not the genuine article. The installation of the orange tips is intended to make clear to people that the guns are not real, making it more difficult to threaten people with a fake gun. It is also an indication to law enforcement what type of weapon they are facing to avoid accidental shootings.

Again, for all I know Teixeira is a really bad dude and deserves everything the law throws at him. I haven’t the bandwidth to know or care right now. I have other fights.

But one of those fights is against propaganda being pumped out by the state and the MSM, and this is a perfect example. Millions of Americans will look at these photos and make assumptions from intentionally distorted evidence.


This happens every day, many times a day. People who we are supposed to trust push out complete lies in order to manipulate our beliefs and actions. Unless you have the knowledge to pick up the clues and are paying close enough attention enough to look very carefully and do the research, you will never know how much bullsh!t is being pushed at you.

None of us can pay this close attention to everything. It was people on Twitter who discovered the deception. Thank God somebody was paying attention, not that the truth will ever get out to most Americans. At least a few of us get to see how much we are being lied to.

It really is this bad: the US government is using toy guns as proof that a man they want you to hate is a violent terrorist.

Beware. We get lied to all the time.

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