Pedophiles are about to become a protected class in Minnesota

New York State Sex Offender Registry via AP

What if I told you that a bill in the Minnesota Legislature is changing the definition of “sexual orientation” to include pedophilia?

That’s crazy, right? Who thinks pedophiles should be a protected class?


The authors of this bill which is progressing through the Minnesota State Legislature, that’s who.

The bill amends the provisions in Minnesota law that created sexual orientation as a protected class, meaning that discrimination of any kind based upon sexual orientation is illegal in the state. It’s been around for a long time, unsurprisingly, and like all such provisions, it encourages mischief such as lawsuits, quotas, DEI initiatives, etc. They also undermine the right to free association.

There is a carve-out for some non-profits, but otherwise, it applies to everything and everybody. Nothing shocking, of course. This sort of thing is common now. Nobody has the right to free association in America anymore.

Well here in the great state of Minnesota we are about to expand the definition of “sexual orientation,” and in the process, the great minds of the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives have decided to remove a provision that excluded pedophilia as a legitimate sexual orientation.

No, I am not kidding. Pedophilia is about to be legitimized. Not legalized–yet. But discrimination against pedophiles will now be prohibited if this bill becomes a law.

Most of the controversy surrounding the bill has been the provisions related to gender identity, putting our “human rights” law into something more in line with the contemporary mores of the Left. All the gender gobbledygook will be legally affirmed, and of course, anybody who wants to opt out of affirming crazy people will be turned into targets of lawsuits and harassment.


But the pedophilia provision should be getting more attention than that.

Striking the current law a provision that carved out pedophilia from the definition of sexual orientation is a radical move, and not getting the attention that it deserves.

Pedophiles will become a protected class. A PROTECTED CLASS! They will get the same legal protections against discrimination as gays and lesbians and be lumped into the same legal category.

You will be subject to lawsuits if you discriminate against pedophiles. You have to hire them, house them, and serve them in your restaurant regardless of your objection to their evil desires. They will have more rights than you. Because they are pedophiles.

Gays Against Groomers, call your office!

Lots of normal people are blissfully unaware of the Leftist agenda to groom children. It sounds like a conspiracy theory because, to be clear, it is too evil to contemplate. How can our neighbors, our elected officials, and our educators be monsters? It is inconceivable! Conservatives must be crazy liars.

But there it is, in black and white. Again. The agenda moves forward.

Minnesota and other Blue states are rushing headlong to pass bills like these both because Leftists believe in this, and their current grasp on power is allowing them to pass every insane idea that pops into their minds.

It is happening here. It is happening now. And the next stop is going to be explicitly legalizing pedophilia.

Once the Rubicon of declaring children mature enough to make lifetime medical decisions at ages as young as 8 it makes no sense to assert that they aren’t mature enough to engage in “consensual” relationships. If you can get permission from a child to sterilize and mutilate them, why stop there? They have been essentially declared adults in sexual matters.


Go read the bill. Look at the list of authors. It is still a growing list, too. It has had its “second reading,” which means it can appear on the floor for a vote at any time.

Authors (17)

17 Authors and the list is still growing. This isn’t accidental–removing the exception of pedophilia that would allow for discrimination against pedophiles is in the bill’s description:

Gender identity separate definition created, and human rights act sections removed that allow for discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The Democrat Party is becoming the party of sexual groomers. It really is that simple.

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David Strom 8:00 AM | July 25, 2024