My Monday rant on saving civilization

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Tucker Carlson says what few people dare to say: we are no longer engaging in policy disputes between people of goodwill arguing about how best to achieve a more just and prosperous society.


We are in the midst of a battle between good and evil.

Watch the full video, then read on.

Most people are stuck in the paradigm of believing that the public disputes we are having are about how best to achieve rational policy goals. Often the Left uses language that seems to mirror that of earlier debates. “Justice,” for instance, is a term we all understand and have an idea of what it means, and we believe it to be a positive good.

Justice, to the Left, means people destroying things, stealing things, committing violence, and tossing people out of the public and economic square. Creating inflation in order to eliminate the middle class.

We live in a society now where killing babies and old people is considered a positive good, and paying people not to work in the midst of a huge labor shortage is considered just. Where performing sterilization on children before they even reach puberty is to be celebrated.

In Minnesota, in just one day, the Minnesota Senate passed 3 bills that shock the conscience: banning so-called conversion therapy for transgender people, which is just giving counseling to troubled youth and not a cult reprogramming as implied; making Minnesota an abortion sanctuary where non-custodial parents can take their children for “care;” and the same “sanctuary” law that allows such parents to get “gender-affirming” care for children despite not having custody rights and violating court orders.


The Democrats cheered and clapped after they passed all 3 bills. This is their vision of a just society.

It is, literally, evil. The intentional destruction of our society. Wiping away not just social norms, or even lives, but the entire Western legal system in a headlong rush to destroy our social order, eliminate the next generation through killing and sterilization, and the social structure that undergirds everything. Destroying the family will destroy our civilization. And that is their goal.

A mob of youth can pursue and brutally beat a woman in Chicago and have the incoming mayor justify it because these kids are the oppressed class–the most bizarre defense possible in a decent society. Mobs beating people, destroying property, and getting away with it are not the actions of oppressed people, but those of the oppressor.

These are the actions of Brownshirts, not oppressed people. The Brownshirts, by the way, claimed to be oppressed as well.

The entire public health, political, and media elite approved of the George Floyd riots in 2020. Two thousand public health officials endorsed the riots. The mayor of Seattle called them the “summer of love.”

California passed laws legalizing the pillaging of stores, and the pillagers responded.

San Francisco is becoming a lawless hellhole. Portland is already there, hollowed out and filled with tents but no average citizens. Stores are closed or closing and civilization has collapsed.


Fentanyl is the trade of choice, not food or other necessities. Smoking fentanyl in public is not only common but basically legal.

None of this is accidental. Quite the opposite. All of it is a result of choices made by our political class, cheered on by Hollywood, the MSM, and even the corporate class.

We are not having a debate about policy, because the Left has fundamentally different goals about what is right and wrong. They are proponents of evil–the destruction of our society and everything that makes it function.

Nothing else can explain this intentional destruction. Everybody with a brain knew that defunding the police would result in this. That legalizing shoplifting would close stores down. Every public official knew that encouraging riots would result in destruction, looting, and deaths. These were all so obvious that no amount of excusing people for being wrong can paper the facts over. They weren’t wrong–this is what they planned all along.

Do you think gender ideology is about making people happier? No, it is about sterilizing children and making them slaves to an industry that profits from the practice.

The people who run WPATH–the World Professional Association for Transgender Health–readily admit that children who go on puberty blockers will never achieve sexual satisfaction. Not one has. Yet we are told that this is for the health and happiness of children. Who thinks cutting of the genitals of men in their teens will make them happy for life?


Nobody. That’s how many. At least nobody who isn’t mentally ill.

They simply don’t care what happens to the children. Almost all studies done on child mutilation surgeries have 3-6 month follow-ups, and no longer. Once they have been through the system the goal has been achieved. They will be childless for life.

Yet we are rushing kids into “transitioning” and claiming they are able to give informed consent. An 8-year-old can have his puberty blocked and nobody knows what will happen to him at 18, or 28, or 38. How could they? They just started doing it. The NIH is recruiting people for a study to find out what happens when they have bottom surgery, because we don’t know.

This is “settled science,” supposedly.

This has nothing to do with either individual or social well-being because they are not concerned with such minor matters. As long as the money and power get more and more concentrated–and it doesn’t matter if there is less total wealth, just more wealth for the elite–everything is good.

This is evil, as Tucker rightly points out. It is demonic. No rational society can go down this path and remain free.

If this sounds insane, consider that modern societies have done this to themselves before, and the leaders thrived. Communist China, the USSR, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, and much of Africa. South Africa is doing it right now. Not that anybody is paying attention.


Washington has always been corrupt, because all governments, to some extent are. It is just the nature of life. You can find corruption anywhere you look, but with so much money and power concentrated it flourishes in governments.

But we are looking at an order of magnitude more than at any time in American history because the entire state and MSM are actively aiding it. There is no check on it at all. And there are not two effective political parties to put a check on each other. Anybody who objects is silenced and hounded. So it gets worse.

Do I think this can be turned around? Who knows? Do I think we should try?


And we can’t do it by destroying our elective political system. We can’t burn down the village in order to save it.

Somebody in the comments on one of my posts suggested I was one step away from calling for pogroms, and I thought deeply about that comment. I thought it was unfair, but I also knew the commenter had a point. The counsel of despair points either to giving up or literally fighting back. That can’t be the answer, because it is losing everything that we hold dear about America.

Nobody should ever want a civil war. They are the worst kind of wars and should be avoided at all costs. More people died in the American Civil War than in all others in our history combined.


But we don’t need one in order to fight back. Most Americans are good and decent people and only deny the sheer scale of the evil because, frankly, they can’t imagine that so much evil exists so high up the food chain. Who could?

I didn’t use to believe it either. I still wish I didn’t believe it now. But I do.

Like Tucker, I think that it is undeniable if you examine the facts in their totality. Any rational person could have predicted the level of societal collapse we would see after the COVID mania and the George Floyd riots, but the gaslighting from the top kept most people irrational about it. They believed it was for the good.

It wasn’t. We will pay a price in blood and treasure for at least a generation. Not to mention the potential permanent loss of our freedoms.

So what is to be done? Fight for our Republic, without destroying the Republic. That means persuasion, activism, confronting and not giving in when evil confronts us back.

How many people do you know actually do any of that? Lots of people bitch, but not enough to do anything about it. Most of us are afraid to even speak up for fear of the Left.

Politics isn’t like the weather–when it’s this bad you can do something about it, and should.

Ronald Reagan–one of the most beloved but also most underrated presidents–once said:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”


This is a fundamental truth: civilization is not the natural state of mankind, and free civilizations are among the rarest in history. America has never been perfect, but its destiny was to become a more perfect union.

Our elites have rejected that destiny. But we don’t have to. There is still time. There is still hope. And there is still prayer.

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