Democrats love importing people to pick their crops

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The Democratic Party appears to be obsessed with the idea that the best way to ensure that crops are picked by the “right” sort of people is to import them from somewhere else.


For decades they fought to keep slavery a going concern–Africans, after all, were apparently the right sort of people to pick cotton.

Now, according to Adam Schiff, we have to ensure an open southern border to ensure that people with a different skin colors remain the primary pickers of crops.

Since cotton is no longer harvested by human hands, we are now talking about fruits and vegetables mainly. But the principle is the same, apparently.

Adam Schiff is a truly awful human being. He is arrogant, dishonest in the extreme, and about as politically tone-deaf as you would expect from a card-carrying communist from the People’s Republic of California.

I have no doubt that he absolutely believes that this is a compelling argument for having an open border, despite the fact that America has in the past run successful migrant worker programs in the past that didn’t require an open border which is a human trafficker’s dream.

Rape gangs, fentanyl drug dealers, and the cartels are in love with the Democrat immigration policies, and ol’ Adam Schiff is justifying them by pointing out that without open borders Americans might be forced to work on farms.


Coincidentally I have actually done a bit of agricultural work when in college, picking sweet corn. It was wet, cold, and unpleasant work, although it actually paid pretty well. Given that this was in New England in the 80s almost everybody I worked with was white because that was the labor pool by and large in Western Massachusetts.

Perhaps the fact that there wasn’t a ready pool of low-wage laborers available was the reason that it paid pretty well for pretty unskilled labor.

Just sayin’.

The whole idea that there are “jobs Americans won’t do” is untrue. Pay well enough and people will do the job, and if the job isn’t worth the market rate then employers find other ways to get the job done. Importing low-wage workers is all about suppressing wages, and it is ironic that the “equity” party also is the “pay slave wages party.”

It’s really on-brand, though, if you remember the history of the Democratic Party.

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