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Karine Jean-Pierre makes her predecessor Jen Psaki look like Shakespeare.

I thought Psaki was pretty bad at her job, but Jean-Pierre is stratospherically stupid (does that make sense?), inarticulate, trips all over herself, and when she dissembles she does so quite transparently.


She is also ridiculously unprepared, and if anything makes the Biden Administration look even more out of touch than even the president. He at least we can make jokes about. What can you say about Jean-Pierre that is amusing?

I was reminded of this fact by a video snippet I ran across, discussing the president’s meeting with the Tennessee 3, those legislators whose insurrection led to two of them being expelled from the House. The Republicans appear to have lost the messaging war on that front, although technically they were right to do what they did. They only succeeded in turning the three into media darlings.

And now guests of the president.

Jean-Pierre was confronted by a totally predictable question: the president has focused a lot of attention on the Tennessee 3 but has been remarkably silent about the victims of the transgender mass murderer. Will the president meet with them, as he will with these 3 non-victims/media darlings?

Her response was on-brand: tone-deaf and idiotic.

Think about this for a minute: the 3 legislators the president will be meeting were protesting gun violence–an issue prompted by the very shooting Peter Doocy is asking about. The subject of the meeting, by extension, is the very shooting of which these survivors are victims.


Yet the Biden Administration is totally uninterested in their pain and sorrow, except as a tool they can use to push their agenda. They are a backdrop, while these poseurs become the story. We will hear all about race, equity, gun control, and all the other liberal claptrap, but nothing from or about the people who were actually victimized.

The families who lost loved ones are paper cutouts, while you get to see the political actors in living color and in 3D. They are the focus.

This is what compassion means to the Democrats: it is to be weaponized for political purposes. They have no compassion themselves, but they know how to pull your heartstrings.

The truth of the shootings, the victims, and the perpetrator are inconveniences, so they must be turned into generic victims of “gun violence,” not trans-terrorism.

You saw that from almost the moment the shooting happened. The White House mobilized to support…trangenderism. Now I understand that their views and mine differ, and can sympathize abstractly about the problem they faced messaging during the initial days. I will criticize their stance at other times, but what offends me about their response is that they dismissed the victims and implicitly celebrated the perpetrator. It was ass-backwards.

Shortly after the attack, Jean-Pierre stood at the podium and said this:



How on earth are we to respond to such an offensive and tone-deaf statement? Under attack? Where? How? People disagreeing on an issue does not make for a group being under attack.

Those kids and teachers were the ones who were attacked. But they don’t count for this White House.

I get a lot of flak for being so critical of the people running this country, and I get it. I should be a happier warrior.

But it’s hard not to get outraged when I see the people in charge be so cynical, manipulative, and downright cruel to those with whom they disagree.

If this had not been a Christian school, but a Jewish or Muslim one and the perpetrator had been a White male we all know that the response would be different.

But the victims were “deplorables,” and hence disposable.

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