Elon Musk owns BBC reporter

Earlier today I wrote about how Bryan Griffin, Governor DeSantis’ press secretary, could give a master class in dealing with the dishonest MSM.

It’s not just that he is good at his job. What makes his approach special (along with his colleague Christina Pushaw) is that he doesn’t just handle their questions well–others have done that, if far too few. What is special is that he uses his interactions with the media to demonstrate how fundamentally dishonest they are.


There is no institution in the world that disseminates anything like the sheer quantity of dishonest, propagandistic, and just plain incorrect misinformation than the MSM. Sure, others are even more dishonest or evil–the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, for instance–but the MSM has them all beat in terms of the depth, breadth, and quantity of pure BS output.

Elon Musk could also give a master class in how to deal with the media, although he is far less disciplined and occasionally makes mistakes. But he is a billionaire and can afford it. He literally has no need to deal with the media at all. His products sell themselves, even though many people hate them. Enough people want them badly enough that he doesn’t even advertise.

Musk puts himself out there quite a bit, having been red-pilled (now I am on an FBI watch list as a domestic terrorist, just for using that word) he has decided to fight back.

He did an interview with a BBC reporter–a free-flowing discussion–and just owned the guy by turning the interview around. The reporter, who acts as an authority basically punted every time he was asked a question.


Reporters are, quite often, ignorant of what they cover, aggressive about their agendas, and unable to defend their position. They just never have to do so. They seize the high ground and count on their ability to control the narrative, and the public assumes they are both knowledgeable and truthful.

If they can’t control the narrative they are screwed. Their ignorance and commitment to an agenda are revealed for all to see.

This guy looks like a total idiot, taken down by a brilliant but hardly socially smooth guy. Musk is, people say, on the spectrum. He smokes weed. He is no media professional.

And he runs circles around an overeducated BBC twit because he still has a brain and common sense. It doesn’t take a communications professional to take these guys down. It takes a bit of intelligence, a basic knowledge of the facts, and the ability to use logic.

And some guts. It is this that most politicians and conservatives dealing with the media lack. The guts to put the media in their place.

Like you, I rely on reporters to gather news, but with every passing day, I trust them less and less. I still get deceived by the media, but for shorter periods of time. I scour the internet for alternate sources of news, and no longer dismiss as nuts people pushing ideas way out of the mainstream.


Because too often they are right.

The BBC’s own coverage of the interview–which was aired live on Twitter Spaces precisely because they would do this–omits the embarrassing parts for them. Because that is how the MSM rolls.

Simply put: the MSM only tells you what they want you to hear.

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