Miami Herald isn't fit to be fish wrapper

When I wrote about Rebekah Jones’ son’s arrest I relied upon the reporting of the Journal for the facts of the case.

I chose to do so despite there being a Miami Herald story because it was biased and left out the most important point: he wasn’t arrested for sharing memes, as they claimed, but for making threats to shoot up a school.


That’s a bit different.

The Herald is still soft-pedaling the story and pushing the notion that Jones is being persecuted somehow. And Jones is tweeting up a storm with an ever-changing story. It is a remarkable example of gaslighting, and the Herald is crying about being criticized for pushing the story of an admitted felon.

The Herald has been on a crusade against DeSantis, but it takes a special kind of dishonesty to defend an admitted perjurous felon who has changed her story multiple times against a sheriff who has the goods to prove her son threatened to shoot up a school and compared himself to the Columbine killers.

Their own headlines lie about Jones. She calls herself a whistleblower, but the investigations show she lied about it. She literally just admitted guilt to a crime, lied about her son being kidnapped (she turned him in, and it’s on video), and lied about what he did.


Yet the Herald makes her out to be the victim. Because they hate DeSantis.

None of this is even disputable. The receipts are there. Her son was arrested because his FRIENDS turned him in because they were scared.

And the Herald turns the story around. Just as the MSM has been declaring Audrey Hale a victim.

The media has decided that their job is to promote a Leftist ideology, not tell the truth.

There really isn’t much we can do about the lies and deceit, other than look at as many sources as possible. Unfortunately, we live in a world where censorship is becoming a norm, and social media outlets routinely suppress information they don’t want you to see, so it becomes increasingly difficult to do so.

All this just confirms what I wrote earlier today: trust in the MSM is inversely proportional to having an accurate view of the world.

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