Tucker predicted it...just last week

Tucker Carlson predicted the Nashville shooting last week.

Not the where. Not the day. But he rightly pointed out that the constant rhetoric about a non-existent trans-genocide was ginning up panic and a growing violent “resistance” in the trans community. Beege wrote about the rage in the trans community right now, and as usual, she hit the nail on the head.


It is pretty stunning how prescient he was.

It is striking how extreme the rhetoric has become, and how non-trans people on the Left have been stoking the rage.

We are in the midst of an argument regarding how best to deal with children experiencing severe mental illness. Some people think taking children as young as 8 down a medicalized path that will irreversibly sterilize and mutilate them is the proper treatment; others want to put the brakes on that.

That is the argument in a nutshell. There are ancillary issues, most especially the ideological grooming that is taking place in our schools. Clearly, that issue is vital, but overall the main front in the war over transgenderism has to do with the medicalization of gender dysphoria.

Opponents of medicalized treatment are accused of “violence” and “committing genocide,” and there is no doubt that many transgender people are convinced that this is happening. How could they not be? The message is directed at them every day, many times a day, by activists, the media, and even the federal government.


Children who “identify” as trans are being scared to death, as are their parents. The threat is a mirage, and the crime statistics prove that. Transgendered individuals are among the least, not the most likely to experience violent crime in America. But the sense of threat is there and fostered by an Elite who for some reason wants trans people scared to death.

The result is clear: an increasing radicalization of trans people and a desire to strike back.

It’s not an illusion. It is a reality, and it has real-world consequences.

Six people in Nashville were killed, likely because of that fear and rage. Rage at an illusion. Nobody wanted to hurt her just for being transgendered. She was under no threat. But she became the threat.

There are now mobs swarming people who oppose the transing of kids. As I detailed in my piece about Posie Parker, a trans-rights activist mob swarmed a petite woman and nearly killed her. She had to be escorted not just away from the crowd, but from the country for her safety.

The activists cheered their victory.

Violence demonstrates the “power of community organizing.” I suppose you could call it that. I would call it mob violence. And that mob roams free today, while the victim is escorted out of the country.


I guess we know whose side the Establishment is on.

We are witnessing a modern version of the madness perpetrated during the Salem Witch Trials, where people justify murder because they feel under threat. That sense of threat comes from above, as normal people keep hearing that violent people are coming after them. It is a form of incitement.

If you troll through trans-twitter or other social media you will find constant calls to violent resistance against transphobia and cries that a trans-genocide is ongoing.

This isn’t happening because transgendered people are inherently more violent than others, at least there is no evidence that this is the case. It seems to be the result of an unrelenting propaganda campaign that has convinced people that transgendered people are under threat.


I suppose that it is possible that the liberal use of testosterone treatments might make some people more aggressive–we know that testosterone and aggression are linked–but the simpler explanation is that hysteria has grown up and a propaganda campaign is radicalizing a generation.

My own Lt. Governor wore a violence-inspiring shirt on the day a transgender medicalization bill was passed here in MN, clearly implying that violence might be necessary to protect trans kids.

The people committing the violence are responsible for it. But it’s hard not to notice how the people at the top of the ideological ladder seem to be encouraging it. Even longing for it.

Which is why Tucker Carlson could predict that it would happen.



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