Not ALL reporters are trash, but...

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There are isolated instances of reporters who actually do their jobs, which last I checked was to provide information to people so that they can make informed choices in their lives.


But these days those reporters are rare, and fewer and fewer exist in mainstream news organizations.

Few politicians have the gumption to call them out, because all people who are required to deal with the media follow the dictum that “it is never wise to pick fights with people who buy ink by the barrel.”

That used to be true but is no longer. Reporters don’t care what you say, what is true, or whether you play nice with them. They care about promoting whatever narrative they have in mind. If you feed them what they want they will make you a hero; if not, expect to be savaged.

I’ve seen it often enough when I worked in politics. I once had a reporter quote me accurately and then, apropos of nothing, wrote “in other words…” and claim I MEANT the opposite. It was pointless to talk to him, obviously. He knew better than I what I meant, so he said it for me.

Bryan Griffin knows the new rules for dealing with reporters, having worked with the invaluable Christina Pushaw as a press aide to Governor Ron DeSantis.

He was contacted by a reporter for Forbes, and posted the receipts.

That is what counts as reporting for the Mainstream Media today.

We are constantly being told that Fox News is nothing but a propaganda machine but that you can count on the more mainstream news organizations to play it straight. And, perhaps in their own mind, they are. It is quite possible that these ideological shock troops actually believe their own BS and genuinely believe that anybody who disagrees with them is an evil troll in need of a good stint in a reeducation camp.


But this is the result of the ideological grooming they have all gotten in their own reeducation camps, called the public schools and American higher education institutions. They are in fact the moral equivalents of Mao’s followers during the Cultural Revolution.

They hound everyone with whom they disagree, slander with abandon, and have the logical abilities of toddlers.

They need to be treated with the contempt they so richly deserve. Whether their ideological ardor is genuine or merely the result of a desire to rise in the communist regime being built is irrelevant.

They are the enemies of civilization, and should be treated with the respect they deserve: none.

UPDATE: I changed a word from “you” to “they” in order to correct a mistake on my part.

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