Wayne State University suspends professor for suggesting that conservatives be killed

Hussein Malla

Professors these days get away with a lot, as long as they are Left-wing.

But apparently commie privilege only goes so far, even in today’s university environments. Although it should be noted that while the University doesn’t endorse killing political opponents yet, Facebook thought this was just fine.


English Professor Steven Shaviro criticized students who shout down and intimidate conservative speakers who come to campus.

It only encourages them. Better to kill them off.

It’s called the Ripley Principle, or at least I like to call it that. Nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

It’s funny: as I perused the news stories about the suspension none of the MSM sites actually reported what he said. They all called his post on Facebook “allegedly violent.”

There was no “allegedly” about it. He said, “I think it is far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic, or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down.”

That sounds very much like advocating violence to me.

It’s fascinating to me that the MSM is more interested in defending the professor and hiding his words than even the university administration. Perhaps it is because the administration actually has to deal with this guy and defend him against the concerns of the faculty, students, and especially the alumni, while the MSM has to defend the narrative that right-wing violence is the real threat.


This is all taking place within the context of the Stanford kerfuffle over a federal judge who was driven off campus by law students objecting to his politics. Apparently, Shaviro disdains the students for not having the moral courage to kill the bastard, because as a conservative he deserved it.

While most professors wouldn’t go that far, even the Chronicle of Higher Education is publishing essays on why the students were right to drive him off, which tells you everything you need to know about the state of American higher ed.

We don’t teach history anymore, so every generation has to learn the same lesson: Leftism and violence go together, everywhere and always. The modern Left was born in the French Revolution, and every Leftist movement since has fetishized violent revolution.

The violence is half the fun. How often do you see the raised fist in Leftist propaganda? Do you think it is a fist by accident?


Obviously, there are right-wingers who fetishize violence, but violent right-wing movements in the US are inevitably fringe, while Left-wing movements are coopted by the mainstream. I have never met a genuine White Supremacist, but every Left-wing rally I have attended is filled with Marxists and anarchists selling their wares and carrying their signs.

(I used to lobby at the MN capitol and Left-wingers have rallies every other day). I guarantee that if you visit Congressional offices in Washington you will see innumerable posters with Che Guevara and raised fists in tons of Democrat offices. The Left loves revolutionary violence. It just does.

So it’s no surprise to find a professor getting caught promoting violence. What is a surprise is his getting punished for it.

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