Two systems of justice in America?

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Justice is supposed to be blind. It is a foundational principle of our legal system.

Without fear or favor. Equal justice under the law. However you put it, the meaning is the same: nobody is above the law, and nobody is treated worse than any other.



Needless to say, that is an ideal, not a reality even in the best of times. But we are supposed to do our best.

Nobody is even trying to do their best anymore. Across the country prosecutors and even state Attorneys General have been elected on platforms of “equity” that are explicitly designed to apply political tests to matters of justice, the federal government has weaponized government to go after political dissenters, and the MSM cheerleads as conservatives are persecuted.

Everybody is familiar with the ridiculous case Alvin Bragg is pursuing against Donald Trump in NYT. Elected with money that was donated by George Soros, Bragg has been systematically using his office to free felons who can freely act as predators against the populace.

Yet he has put the full weight of his office behind pursuing a misdemeanor case against Donald Trump and is using a legal theory that might turn that misdemeanor into a felony. Even the New York Times calls the felony case a legal stretch. And that is putting it kindly.

To be honest, Bragg’s legal theory is actually quite simple: in a city that absolutely hates Donald Trump it wouldn’t take much evidence of wrongdoing to put Trump in jail, so why not try?

In comparison we have the case of an admitted felon who would face 15 years in jail if convicted–and the case against him is rock solid because he has confessed to the crime publicly and in print–who faces no charges at all. He committed a federal gun crime–the kind of crime the Biden Administration claims to care deeply about–but nobody in the federal government has invested a moment in investigating it.


Why? The answer is simple: his name is Hunter Biden. A man who has committed so many felonies that are caught on video admitted to in print, and for which there are reams of evidence against him plastered all over the internet. He has engaged in human trafficking, gun felonies, fraud, being an unregistered foreign agent, improper influence peddling, and felony drug use and possession.

Of course, we do have Joe Biden’s “word as a Biden” that it didn’t happen, so there is that.

The MSM has obsessively reported on Bragg’s case against Trump as if the pursuit of a misdemeanor charge and the concocted felony charge are the biggest news of the century, but supported the censorship of the Biden story, calling it debunked Russian disinformation. Even after Hunter basically admits everything we suspected was true, the media buries the story.

Look at how MSNBC deals with the Biden classified documents story, and then think of what they said about Trump.


There is no equal justice under the law and no desire for it among the elites. Government is all about accumulating power and using it against your enemies. Seizing wealth and redistributing it as they see fit.

What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine. Including your liberty.

Obey, or else.

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