Are you ready for the "trans day of vengeance?"

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Get your go bag ready. Fill the water bottles. Make sure you have enough canned and dry goods.

The Trans Day of Vengeance will be upon us in a few days.

I’m not exactly sure what they will be avenging. They claim a trans genocide is upon us, but in their own propaganda, they claim that 6 trans people have been murdered this year. There were 26,031 murders in 2021. The TDOV people claim 60 murders in 2022 for trans people. 1.6 million people in the United States identify as trans. That works out, I think, to 3.75 murders per 100,000. That is less than half that of the general population.


Black men die by homicide at a rate of 55 per 100,000. Trans people: 3.75 per 100,000.

Every murder is a tragedy and a crime, no matter the victim. But what is shocking about the murder rate for transgender people is how low it is, not how high.

The Daily Wire did a deep dive into the FBI stats and found that there is statistically almost no hate crime against transgendered people, perhaps because, contra the propaganda, few people actually hate them. I, personally, feel sorry for them. Gender dysphoria is by definition mentally painful–that is what dysphoria means, after all–and the pain must be intolerable if you are willing to disfigure yourself in order to escape it.

People are angry about the full-on pressure to groom children who are not genuinely dysphoric into a trans cult, but that anger is directed at all the activists and has nothing to do with the trans or non-trans status of the groomer. Straight, gay, trans, or furry–stay away from the kids!

That isn’t genocide. It is self-defense. Stay away from kids and we are cool. Come for the kids and we have a problem. A big one.

When trans activists talk about a “genocide,” they are not actually talking about physical harm done to transgendered people. Their claim, actually, is that our desire to keep them from recruiting more people into their cult is a genocidal act, as they otherwise have no means to reproduce.

It’s a neat sleight of hand if you think about it. But it also gives the lie to their claim not to be recruiting. They want to expand their ranks because the alternative is not being able to reproduce. The grooming itself is the point.


We have come a long way from the point where transgendered people just wanted to be left alone, and I have to assume that most really do want to be left alone. It’s just that we don’t hear from or about them. They suffer from a mental illness that has made them genuinely unhappy and are trying to live a more happy life.

I have to believe that there are easier and more effective ways to deal with dysphoria than surgery and a lifetime of damaging drugs, but until there are long-term studies that are reliable and preferably double-blind, I have only my common sense to suggest that.

But that is a separate issue from the claim of “genocide” and the need for “vengeance.” There is no genocide and the vengeance is for purely imagined affronts.

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