Why I love Governor DeSantis

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He fights. And unlike some others who fight, he wins.

His fights aren’t carried out through rhetoric: he strikes the Left where it hurts them most.

The Left has been winning battles based upon a brilliant strategy they adopted in the 60s and 70s. Once it became clear that the strategy of protest was doomed to fail, Leftists adopted what German socialist Rudi Dutschke called “the long march through the institutions,” explicitly referring to Mao’s famous Long March that ended with the victory of the communists in China.


Dutschke was promoting a strategy first advocated by another socialist, Antonio Gramsci, in which the socialist revolutionaries begin a long takeover of the social, economic, and political institutions of society.

If revolutionary violence wasn’t going to work, destroy capitalism from within.

The results are everywhere around us. The anti-Establishment is now the Establishment, with all the major institutions dedicated to the destruction of Western society.

Ron DeSantis understands this strategy better than any other politician active in the United States today, and rather than directing his ire and his fire at his own personal enemies–as does Donald Trump–he directs his fire at the enemies of American society.

It’s a brilliant strategy, and it is working in Florida. Better yet, he has created a blueprint for other governors to follow and take the fight to the real enemy in their own states.

Florida really is the state where woke has gone to die, and that is why it is the fastest growing state in the nation at the moment.

DeSantis’ strategy is tailor made for a governor, who has more direct control over the levers of power and the actual institutions that are imposing Marxism on Americans than any president does or could have.


This raises the question of whether the Florida strategy scales to the federal level. Obviously we can’t know until it is tried.

Obviously Trump failed in his mission to drain the swamp, but it is impossible to know whether draining the swamp, righting the ship, or driving a stake into the vampire’s heart at that level is even possible (pick your metaphor). But we have clear evidence that Trump couldn’t do it. He fought the law, and the law won.

I do take heart in the fact that DeSantis at least fully understands the task in a way that Trump didn’t. Trump knew he faced an enemy, but he never seem to grasp just how pervasive their power is. They own most of the institutions, and he fought them piecemeal as they attacked him. He was a counterpuncher.

DeSantis has a better grasp of just where he can do the most damage to the Marxists. And that, at least, gives him an edge.

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