SVB, Kidnapping, the collapse of empire, and some great laughs: the week in review!

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Ed took some well-deserved time off, so he let the inmates run the asylum this week.

As you would expect, the results were a bit crazy. Generalissimo Duane Patterson was joined instead by me, David Strom, and we took on the big issues of the day. And there certainly was a lot to talk about.

Which issues? You may have read a piece or two on them right here on Hot Air. It’s even possible that you folks over on the Hughniverse might have heard Hugh pontificate eloquently about them.

  • The SVB disaster and the total mismanagement of the banking system by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department
  • Minnesota’s new “kidnap your kid” law that encourages parents to escape to Minnesota if you want to violate custody orders and trans your kid
  • Governor Ron DeSantis’ handling of COVID in comparison to Trump’s on the 3rd anniversary of “15 days to slow the spread”
  • NY lowering education standards in order to cover up its failure to educate children
  • The declining ability of the US to deter China over Taiwan, and how the Ukraine war has us in a box

…and much more. We had a blast talking over the issues, and are plotting to kick Ed off the show. Call it a Hot Air insurrection or something.

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