Shot: defund the police; Chaser: I am begging for more police

(last name not given)

Liberals are never, ever held to account.

San Francisco District Supervisor Hillary Ronen is “begging” for more police officers in the Mission District. Crime is out of control, and the city absolutely has to do something about it.


It’s a disaster! Somebody do something!

You have to sympathize with her and her constituents. Sure sounds like things are really bad out there. I wonder how any city could allow such a degradation in its policing capability?

Hillary Ronen is the one to ask. She led the fight to defund the police, after all.

Yep. Same person.

I’ve made my share of mistakes, of course. I voted for George W. Bush, for God’s sake! Although given that the alternatives were Al Gore and John Kerry, you can hardly blame me.


Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, you know.

So I am inclined to be forgiving to people who make mistakes in good faith. But not at all inclined to do so for people who sacrifice the health and well-being of others in order to score political points. And that is what Ronen did.

Absolutely nobody with two brain cells to rub together couldn’t predict that fewer police officers would lead to more crime, including violent crime. It’s not like it takes a rocket surgeon (yes, that is a joke) to figure out that allowing criminals to commit crimes without consequences will lead to more crimes.

Ronen, whatever else she is, is not a moron. She is an ideologue and a sellout politician and was simping for votes and approval.

The fact is that anybody in office who pushed for defunding the police knew exactly what they were doing. They just wanted the applause and the votes they would get from sacrificing their constituents for a bump in the polls at that moment.To call it virtue signaling is too kind: it was practicing human sacrifice to please an angry mob.

And, as with criminality, it will continue to happen if there is no punishment. When there is only an upside to a behavior, you will see more and more of it. She got applause, and now she will get applause for fighting for more police.

Sure, some people will grumble a bit, but the voters of San Francisco will reward her for being stunning and brave when she attacked the police, and stunning and brave when begging for more.


In a sane world, she would have been ridiculed then and ridiculed now. In fact, she was and is. But only by conservatives and we don’t count. We are bad people for pointing any of this out.

Republicans pouncing, that is all.

San Francisco, of course, has far too little money available to hire enough police officers. They have to spend the money on the important stuff, like reparations and utterly failing homeless policies. With important stuff like that on the agenda who cares about the taxpaying residents of the city?

Apparently not the residents. At least not enough to vote these bastards out. They will simply whine, then fall in line.

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