More COVID gaslighting

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Will it never end?

No, it won’t. Never, ever. No matter how obvious the gaslighting, the powers-that-be will continue lying to you.

Today’s example: the ABC News report on why the expected winter COVID-19 surge didn’t arrive this year.


For a couple of years, the public health establishment downplayed the seasonal nature of COVID, presumably to keep the fear factor up year-round. The messaging shifted along with the vaccine recommendations, which went to once a year rather than every time Pfizer could pump out a new formula.

In the fall we were warned to get yet another booster in preparation for yet another winter of severe illness and death, but sadly for the COVID maniacs the death wave didn’t arrive at the scale they were hoping for. Why, ABC wondered, did the United States come out relatively unscathed?

When the United States saw COVID-19 cases and deaths rise around this past Christmas and New Year’s, many Americans feared the country was in for a third winter wave.

But as quickly as both metrics went up, they also came down. Weekly cases and deaths in late winter 2022-23 are on par with what was seen in spring 2022, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Last year, the Biden administration issued a bleak warning that as many as 100 million Americans could be infected during a COVID-19 wave in the fall and winter.

However, as the third anniversary of the World Health Organization declaring the virus to be a global pandemic passes, it appears that the U.S. has survived its first winter without a massive COVID-19 surge.

Experts told ABC News that a combination of more immunity, better treatments, less severe infections and more people following mitigation measures likely played a role.


Out of the 4 explanations, 3 are probably correct, and the 4th is complete BS. Almost everybody ignored the advice to get yet another booster–millions of doses are expiring unused because nobody wanted to take them–and when was the last time you saw a room filled with people wearing masks?

In other words, almost everybody has given up on “following mitigation measures” because, for the most part, they don’t work. Everybody but the most fanatic among us knows that.

COVID has done what every other pandemic respiratory virus has done: it killed off the most vulnerable quickly, raced through the rest of the population, and mutated to a less lethal variety because that is the best survival strategy for a virus that needs living hosts to spread. People develop immunity to variants as they come along, and life goes on.

Kinda sucks that the virus keeps mutating, but we have lived with that in the flu forever.

This was not only 100% predictable, but rational public health officials in fact predicted it. At least those who weren’t involved in making the poor policy decisions that have been destroying our society for 3 years.

The authors of the Great Barrington Declaration made their recommendations 3 years ago based upon well-known facts about viruses, and they weren’t just ignored but vilified. Sweden actually followed policies that recognized these basic and until 2020 undisputed facts, and they now have the lowest excess mortality in the developed world.


Following common sense and ACTUAL science works better than panic and tyranny. Who could have guessed?

I’m no COVID denier. COVID is real, it was deadly for some (as is the flu, by the way), and the vaccines were useful in reducing deaths in people who were at great risk for severe illness and death.

But on the whole, almost everything that was done by genuinely or performatively panicked public officials was a disaster. Vaccine mandates destroyed trust in public health recommendations, mask mandates were a total disaster, particularly for children who were developing language skills, lockdowns destructive to the economy and mental health, and educational disruptions will plague us for decades.

And yet they are still trying to convince us that “mitigation measures” are both a good thing and that the less severe COVID season was due to people voluntarily embracing them when obviously only fanatics did. It simply didn’t happen, yet they still assert that it did.

Ironically, we don’t really know how “severe” the COVID season actually was. People get a cold and rarely bother to test for COVID anymore, so the numbers aren’t available for how many got the disease. Testing is ridiculous for most of us anyway–what does it matter which virus gave us a cold? It doesn’t unless you get severely ill from it.


All we know is that far fewer than predicted got severely ill or died from COVID, which is exactly what we would expect at this point in a pandemic. Tests or no, mitigation measures or no, the virus would naturally evolve away from being deadly.

That is how viruses work. Killing the host is counter-evolution. Viruses need hosts.

Yet the gaslighting continues.

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