A major civil rights victory that will change America forever

You may not know it, but America has a serious civil rights problem that we have refused to confront.

Sure, we have been creating protected classes at an accelerating rate, but one oppressed group has suffered from victim neglect syndrome or “VNS.”


VNS sufferers literally have gotten no respect, no reparations, no support groups, and no safe spaces to call their own. It is a shameful reminder that America, as the home of White Supremacy™, cares only about cisgender heteronormative White men, or as I like to call them the Pale Penis People.

Who are these unrecognized sufferers of VNS? Why, of course, they are the victims of caste discrimination.

It is a shamefully unrecognized fact that members of the non-Brahmin castes in India are treated as “less than” others, and something must be done about it. This is why Seattle has banned this nefarious form of discrimination, striking a blow for social justice that will be felt around the world.

I wholeheartedly agree with Mx Sawant (I don’t want to misgender them). We must fight the Indian caste system to our last breath, which means that we must ban it here in America. This will send a message to India, which banned caste discrimination 70 years ago, that such discrimination is totally unacceptable, as it is now in Seattle.

Without a law banning caste discrimination in Seattle, roving bands of high-caste Indians will likely use their White Power to seek out and oppress the so-called “lower” castes who…oh, heck, I don’t know. Who what?


Feb 21 (Reuters) – Seattle became the first U.S. city to outlaw caste discrimination on Tuesday, after its local council voted to add caste to the city’s anti-discrimination laws. The move addresses an issue important to the area’s South Asian diaspora, particularly the Indian and Hindu communities. India’s caste system is among the world’s oldest forms of rigid social stratification. “The fight against caste discrimination is deeply connected to the fight against all forms of oppression,” Kshama Sawant, an Indian American Seattle City Council member, said.

America is running out of oppressed classes in need of saviors, so apparently, we must expend every more effort to find people to save. This is a moral imperative, lest we be reduced to making the world a better place by actually doing some work.

Working sucks, unless it is “doing the work,” which is simply some fake self-reflection about which you talk endlessly while attempting to shame your friends and family. It is much more fun to virtue signal, accuse others of insufficient fidelity to the ideals of social justice, and glue oneself to a painting.

The Indian caste system was an abomination, of course. One of many abominations that litter human history. However, I fail to see how anybody on the Left could have gotten the idea that this was an issue they should tackle.

Not, of course, because caste discrimination is not a thing in America. That is no obstacle.


Rather, the Left has actually done something that implicitly acknowledges that not every bad thing in the world is the result of White people existing.

The caste system dates back thousands of years and allows many privileges to upper castes but represses lower castes. The Dalit community is on the lowest rung of the Indian Hindu caste system and have been treated as “untouchables.”

This, I think, was a tactical mistake. Next we will be discovering that there have been ethnic conflicts in Africa, wars between people over something other than White oppression, and that White people are not the root of all evil in the world.

Capitalism apparently still is. Capitalism is known to be directly related to the creation of the caste system thousands of years ago. So at least the SJW can hold onto that enemy.

SJW beware! This is a dangerous path indeed. Pretty soon you will find a reason for oppression other than capitalism as well, and who knows where that could lead?

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