For God's sake, Soros did not "endorse" Ron DeSantis

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George Soros wants to destroy the Republican Party. He’s made that very clear many times. So when Trump loyalists started spreading a video of remarks he made recently purporting to show Soros endorsing Ron DeSantis over Trump for the Republican nomination I knew there was something very fishy going on.


Soros did express hope that DeSantis is the Republican nominee, but not because he thought the governor would make a good president.

He hates DeSantis just as he hates Trump. What he wants is a 3-way race for president, which would guarantee a Democrat victory.

He is convinced that if DeSantis wins the Republican nomination that Donald Trump will jump into the race as a third-party candidate and lead to a Democrat landslide in the 2024 election.

You can listen to the full remarks here:

Trump proxies are spreading the calumny that DeSantis is a globalist disciple of Soros, and that Soros let slip his support for DeSantis as leader of the free world because he would do the old man’s bidding.

How desperate can you get?

Sure, Soros stated the obvious: Ron DeSantis is shrewd and capable, but Soros clearly sees that as a bad thing were he to win. He is shrewd enough and capable enough to give the Left a very hard time indeed.


It is Soros’ judgment, though, that Trump is such a narcissist that he would rather doom conservatives to another 4 years of Biden than allow another Republican to win.

I can’t endorse that judgment because I don’t really have a bead on Trump’s psychological state. He is notoriously full of bluster, obviously self-centered and arrogant, but that doesn’t mean he would rather the country go to hell than be supplanted as leader of the Republican Party.

It’s possible, of course. Trump is Trump, and by nature very unpredictable. And we do know that his adherents would take a bullet for him.

What I am sure of is that those partisans of Trump who are spreading an edited clip of Soros’ remarks are being highly deceptive by cutting off the conclusion of Soros’ remarks. This isn’t a low blow; it is intentionally lying to deceive fellow Republicans into believing something that is manifestly not true.

If DeSantis weren’t a public figure this would border on slander, since these people must know they are lying.

Here’s the clip that the Trump supporters are sending around to mislead people. And, I am afraid, it has worked with some Trump-aligned supporters who will buy the deceit.


We expect people to spin things, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Yet, of course, I am. This is such a ridiculous line of attack that it surprises me that anybody could take it seriously. But of course, some do, because they think Trump walks on water and everybody else is a globalist sellout.

I could just as well argue that Soros is endorsing a Trump 3rd Party run, and might even finance it. After all, that would serve the purpose he reveals here: destroying the Republican Party.

I suggest that if Trump’s supporters want him to get another shot at the White House they start doing something other than slandering their competitors. Is Trump so insecure that he can’t run based on his accomplishments as president?


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