Too racy for school board meeting; required reading for students

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Some schools are now requiring that students read books that are too racy to be read aloud to school board members.

How is this possible, and why is it allowed?


The why is pretty simple: they are grooming kids. In fact, some of these books give explicit instructions on how to sign up for apps like Grindr, along with explicit instructions on how to perform sex acts–usually homosexual, but not always. That the descriptions are of homosexual sex is hardly the point; straight, gay, bi, queer…this is the promotion of illegal activities and enabling of sexual predators of all sexual persuasions.


The how? School boards do their best to silence parents and prevent them from reading these books aloud in a board meeting.


When they can’t silence parents at the source, they request that the FBI label parents protecting their children from content that doesn’t belong in schools as “domestic terrorists.” Merrick Garland’s DOJ conspired with the National organization representing school boards in Washington to request help suppressing parents.

Garland actually was going to use the Patriot Act to go after their parents until his nefarious plans were revealed.

Democrats are fighting like hell to discredit the House committee investigation of government. It is one of their #1 public relations goals–aided and abetted by the left-wing media–to protect the most corrupt abuses of power we have seen in decades.


There should be nothing shocking about government corruption. Corruption is one of the constants in human life, and even the best governments enable more than a little corruption.

But the best governments expend efforts to suppress and punish that corruption, or at the very least contain it to moderate and difficult-to-discover levels. With so much money sloshing around in Washington it would be naïve to think that we could ever eliminate graft and corruption, and with so much power at the fingertips of people that power will be abused.

But modern democracies have, on the whole, done an OK job of ensuring that the system as a whole is not a protection racket. It is why Western democracies, the Asian tigers, and a few other countries have raced ahead in economic growth and quality of life. People, if left to their own devices and uninhibited by bribe-seeking power grabbers, can do amazing things and build great societies.

Not anymore.

We are watching the destruction of everything that has made America great. It is not just our Constitutional rights that are at stake, or even the innocence of our children, but every aspect of our society that derives from the freedoms we enjoy.

This is being done solely for the purpose of satisfying the base desires of those who have risen to the economic, financial, and government pyramid. Sometimes they merely want money, often money and power, and occasionally to indulge in the darker pleasures that appeal to them.


This all sounds a bit ominous and crazy, I know. But how on Earth can you explain school board officials defending and promoting the most vile and pornographic content in our schools? Indeed, such content is being pushed on children as required reading? How can you explain the FBI and Justice Department labeling parents who object to these “domestic terrorists?”

One of the reasons it is difficult to fight these efforts is that you sound crazy when you point it out. What is being done is so outlandish, so evil, that it is incomprehensible that it is being done. The people pointing it out appear as crazy as those who believe the Earth is flat or that the moon landing was done through CGI.


Unfortunately, it has become a reality; first slowly, and now at warp speed. An entire political party has become dedicated to the proposition that Americans should be silenced for dissent, children should read pornography in school, and children should be sterilized and mutilated at ages as young as 8 (with puberty blockers).

The reality hasn’t sunk in with many people yet, because it is too gruesome to believe.

Yet gruesome is hardly unique in world history; it has been alarmingly common, and often the norm. We shouldn’t let it happen here.


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