Microsoft dumps $10 billion into leftist AI

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A while back I wrote about ChatGPT, the Narrative™ enforcing AI chatbot that hates conservatives and will write poems praising Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Jazz, too, gave his take on the product–and that is what it is, not some genuine computer/person hybrid plotting to destroy the world. At least not yet. There are lots of worries that AI will be taking over jobs (likely), enable plagiarism (certainly), and generally wreak havoc on our society.


There is reason to worry, although hardly reason to panic about any of that. Jobs evaporate all the time, and if AI can enable people to be more productive in the long run society will become richer. Plagiarism is nothing new, and is all the rage with certain public scholars I am told.

What interests me is how ChatGPT is set to become yet another enforcer of the Leftist narrative. Because it certainly has been trained to be, and Microsoft is reportedly dumping $10 billion into the project and will incorporate it into its search platform and likely elsewhere.

In my piece linked above I recounted how I queried the chatbot about issues and people left and right, and found the bot to be both Leftist and an outright liar. Ask it to say something nice about a conservative and it will spit back a claim that it won’t praise anybody political; ask it to say something nice about a liberal and it will praise them to the heavens.

The whole hating Trump thing was interesting enough. It bordered on slander, but at least it didn’t claim it wouldn’t say anything nice about politicians. But it actually will say that about other politicians, lying through its metaphorical teeth.

So it goes against its programming to generate content that promotes any individual or group. Except if they are Democrats. Then it will praise them to the heavens.


It goes well beyond actual politicians. It will spew criticisms of political commentators who are conservatives, and praise Leftists as wise and compassionate.

Jack Posobiec asked the bot about himself, Mike Cernovich, Joy Reid, and Rachel Maddow. Look at what it came up with:

These opinions aren’t native to the AI–they are programmed in. ChatGPT is moving from the experimental phase into the real world with, literally, billions of dollars behind the project. It will be integrated into search engines, be used to generate news summaries, and over time work its way into every corner of the internet.

And it is a shill for the Left.

We all depend upon some news source or another, and the most comprehensive sources out there–backed by decades of infrastructure and billions of dollars–are the MSM. Already that is stacked against conservatives. The search engines already manipulate what you can see, the social media companies explicitly and implicitly shape what you see, and now the next step is AI shaping everything you can see and hear.


It’s exhausting. Conservative media is becoming samizdat, unapproved speech that has to be passed around secretly. We aren’t there yet, but that is where things are headed.

Is there a solution? Well, yes and no. We and other conservatives are building alternative infrastructure to keep getting our message out, which is why subscriptions are an important part of our model. But as far along as we are, the current MSM owns the field. They have a decades-long head start, and the backing of the powers-that-be.

If you want to ensure that we and other conservatives can keep fighting the fight, we need your support.

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