Thunberg arrest? It was staged

Greta Thunberg was famously arrested yesterday in that protest over the expansion of a German coal mine. John wrote about her first arrest, and there was a second yesterday.


Footage emerged of the “arrest” later in the day, after some still shots made the rounds to dramatic effect. Thunberg, victim of the hideous German state determined to despoil the environment, yada yada yada.

Her stand was, of course, stunning and brave. A true climate warrior willing to risk life and limb in order to save Gaia from physical despoliation and of course doing her best to prevent the planet from burning up, drowning, drying up from drought, being ravaged by hurricanes, and all the rest of the parade of horribles that capitalism causes.

Peter Kalmus, himself an influential climate warrior, tweeted this out in support and admiration.

Yes, Greta took a great risk. So great that she was practically beaten to death, as this video from just before this photo shows:

Everybody’s laughing, posing, have a good ol’ time. Stunning and brave. She was of course released almost immediately, as such people routinely are.


It kind of reminds you of another stunning and brave warrior for the people and the earth, our very own AOC who practically died on January 6, 2021, and yet she still stands bravely against the man. As she showed here:

Ever notice how the MSM always puts out the photos that the Left loves to have out there? The ones that shows how brave and caring their heroes are, never showing the real story? It’s almost like there is a pattern or something.

Everybody has seen the famous AOC crying photograph; very few, other than conservatives, have seen AOC crying at a parking lot. Another staged photo op with which the MSM happily cooperated.

It makes for good ratings, helps their friends, and forwards their agenda.

The irony is, of course, that in Germany they are desperately trying to ramp up coal production because…wait for it…the government went all Green as the environmentalists wanted it and now they have a power shortage. They shut down reliable nukes, went to unreliable wind and solar, and when the natural gas flow got throttled they were screwed.

Hence, coal. You can’t run a country on unicorn farts, and Germany is an industrial powerhouse. Without power their economy, and the economy of Europe, dies.


Still, the government and the police cooperate with the charades because they are woke, and all this is an elite Narrative they don’t want to give up. They still want to pour trillions into destructive green projects because it is good for their buddies whom they subsidize.

In other words, they want to have their cake and eat it too. After all, the Green Party and the Social Democrats are part of the governing coalition so appearances must be kept up.

It’s all a show, folks. And it is a show for the plebs, because so little of what we see is actually real. Greta and the cops were having a good ol’ time, and you were supposed to believe there was some big conflict here.

Nope. Another day of the Elite folks scratching each others’ backs and laughing at the plebs.

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