Hero of the Left, Rebekah Jones, pleads guilty to computer crimes

You probably don’t remember her name, but you remember why she is famous: Rebekah Jones was the Florida Department of Health employee who rose to Left-wing stardom for attacking Governor Ron DeSantis for his COVID policies.


She was fired from the Florida Department of Health for insubordination and spent almost two years claiming it was because she was a whistleblower fighting DeSantis’ fraudulent COVID-19 reporting practices and his ineffective policies.

Well, on Friday she admitted to being a criminal. She hijacked the Florida Department of Health’s computer system, lied about it, and stole data from the system. She was a fraud and a liar.

Jones became a hero to the Left and inspired other Left-wingers to attack DeSantis as well. Jones ran for Congress because…well, of course she did. Strike while the iron is hot and all that. The Left was in love, so cash in!

Jones was arrested last year–her entire campaign for Congress took place while she was under investigation and awaiting trial–and she resolved the case Friday by admitting her crime. She has a “deferred prosecution,” which is like a plea bargain but not quite. She admits her crime without being convicted in court, and if she abides by the agreement she will not be prosecuted. Frankly, I had never heard of such an arrangement, but I am not a lawyer.


Sounds like a good deal for her. She is guilty but gets away without a record. Congresswoman Jones, here we come!

The Left seized on Jones’ fabricated story and never let go. Others rode her fake oppression to stardom, and as usual, the MSM went along with her fraud. She denied all the charges against her and until today maintained that she was a victim. Now she has admitted her fraud, but expect Democrats to keep pushing the bogus story.

Especially when DeSantis gets into the race for the presidency. Rest assured that the false accusations made against him will resurface. Perhaps the MSM will add a dash of Russian collusion into the mix.


The secret to the Left’s success is their facility with lying, and of course the willingness of the MSM to amplify the lies. They create an echo chamber where the most obvious fraud can not only get away with it, but become a hero and a potential congresscritter.

The better the liar, the higher they rise. Fauci anyone?

Want to guess what her new role is? She headlines a podcast dedicated to rooting out misinformation! No kidding!

The Left is utterly shameless.


UPDATED: CORRECTED an assertion in the third paragraph.

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David Strom 12:40 PM | July 24, 2024