Media darling Michael Avenatti sentenced to 14 years in prison

Remember Michael Avenatti for President?

The media sure doesn’t want you to. Not too long ago the MSM was absolutely in love with the guy, solely because the porn lawyer was hating on Donald Trump as the lawyer for Stormy Daniels.


Remember that case? Stormy Daniels who was forced to pay Donald Trump’s legal fees in her lawsuit?

Well that very same porn lawyer who everybody in the MSM was fawning over–even promoting his potential run for president–is being sent to jail for 14 years.

Now I couldn’t give two…figs about Avenatti. He was a scumbag then and a scumbag now. It’s no surprise that he was a fraud, because he was obviously a fraud back when the media loved him so much. The only interesting thing about the turd is what he reveals about the media’s sense of proportion and priorities.

They backed Avenatti solely because he shared their hatred of Donald Trump, and they thought that promoting an obviously sleazy guy promoting an equally sleazy and baseless legal case (remember Stormy having to pay $300k to Trump for his legal fees–it was that bad a case) would help their cause.


They care about truth and justice as much as The Joker in Batman. Truth, ethics, standards–it’s all a transparent show to them. They lost the 2016 election in a fluke and wanted revenge. And they would sell us Avenatti if it would help them get their way.

How far would they abase themselves in pushing their hatred of Trump. This much:


Shameless doesn’t even begin to describe their abasement. They treated Avenatti better than Monica Lewinsky did Bill Clinton or Kamala Harris did Willie Brown. Their servicing of his ego and their willingness to foist him onto the country was vomit inducing.

Yet there is no shame, no willingness to examine their own judgment or motives. Avenatti served a purpose for them, and that purpose was served. That is all they care about.

Our Elitesâ„¢ are trash people and love to pal around with other trash people. As long as their interests align they will happily embrace anybody. Like Roman Polanski’s movies? Give him a standing ovation. Jeffrey Epstein can satisfy your questionable sexual tastes, invite him to a party after he gets convicted of sexually abusing a child.

Imagine how low you think somebody will go, then add another 5000 feet below that.

Michael Avenatti for president? Why not? He would be the best president ever for the media mavens–they would have the goods on him and control his every move.

Too bad it didn’t work out that way. They would have loved it. He made good copy.

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