ABC worried that Twitter censorship will decline


The Left is schizophrenic when it comes to Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

First they hated it.

Then they wanted to force him to buy it.

Now they are scared that the deal will go through.


This week we learned that the Biden Administration is actually considering scotching the deal because it threatens national security, meaning Democrat control over the Narrative™. No kidding. They actually are floating the notion that Elon Musk is such a threat to National Security that the Biden Administration should be able to control his business activities.

This isn’t about trust-busting; they are fine with Twitter as it is now, controlled by the Left. But the idea that the platform will have less censorship of ideas? Impossible!

Now ABC News is chiming in with a similar take: Elon’s plan to radically downsize Twitter’s bloated workforce to a more reasonable level will threaten “content moderation,” which is just another term for censorship.

Over the course of a monthslong bid to purchase Twitter, Elon Musk has signaled major changes at the platform. As Musk stands poised to acquire the company in the coming weeks, the transformation appears even more far-reaching than some anticipated.

In discussions about his plans for the company, in recent months, Musk talked about potential mass layoffs that would reduce the staff by 75%, the Washington Post reported.

While details of the potential layoffs remain limited, the move could compromise the platform’s capacity to police false or harmful content, with ramifications that extend to social issues like election integrity, experts told ABC News.


“False or harmful content.” That is a pretty vague term. Would it include, say, all the false information that was spat out about the debunked Steele Dossier? The promotion of the 1619 project? How about the declaration by the intelligence community that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation? Or perhaps the countless defamations of Republicans being racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.?

Cuts to the content moderation workforce would align with statements made by Musk in recent months about his commitment to the principle of free speech, suggesting that Twitter should permit all speech that stops short of violating the law, the experts said.

“Content moderation will be a lot harder without people doing content moderation,” Zeve Sanderson, the executive director at New York University’s Center for Social Media and Politics, told ABC News.

“If there is more harassment and other forms of toxic speech, if there is more misinformation and disinformation, then people’s experience on the platform is going to be really different,” he added.

Twitter pretty much never polices the speech, however false or defamatory, of the Left. It is political censorship of conservatives, pure and simple. And they are utterly indifferent to the actual public good. And this is exactly what worries ABC–that avenue of control over the narrative could be lost.


The experience of a typical user could change significantly, they added, noting the possible rise of harassment and other forms of corrosive discourse.

This assertion is a hoot. Twitter is a cesspool of hateful content. It is almost its brand. What they mean is that liberal will be triggered by the increase in non-approved thought. Sure, the Left will experience a different Twitter: it will have more diversity of thought, and that is apparently painful to them.

The Left is quite serious, by the way, when they say that speech is violence. They believe feelings matter more than facts.

Twitter is actually pretty awful at preventing genuinely illegal content, and apparently do their best to avoid actually policing the trading of child pornography (I wrote about that here). But they are extremely efficient at shutting down conservatives who question anything that the current Narrative™ contains. They shut down coverage and discussion of the Hunter Biden laptop, famously kicked off the President of the United States because he was Bad Orange Man, shut up anybody who questioned the questionable CDC narratives, and lots more.

You know the drill.

I don’t know if Elon Musk can reform Twitter and make it more profitable. I hope he does.


But even if he doesn’t, his takeover bid has served a good purpose: forcing the Left to be more and more clear about their censorship agenda. It has been there all along, but over the past couple of years the MSM has come out fully in favor of censorship, and more and more people understand how dangerous the media has become.

Good. Make them say the quiet part out loud.

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John Stossel 5:30 PM | July 13, 2024