Using a "fact check" to deceive

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“Fact checks” are almost always intended to deceive or distract you.

During the Trump Administration, every “fact checker” in America needed you to know that every bit of hyperbole Donald Trump spewed out was a “lie,” not an intentional exaggeration for effect and that the Babylon Bee was not a credible news source.


Fact checks, in other words, are about spinning you. Misleading you. Burning up straw men and then declaring victory.

They are bullcrap, in other words.

The latest BS is Reuters spinning the insane decision by the Centers for Disease Control to recommend that all school children be vaccinated in order to attend public schools. While countries around the world–including those Nordic countries that were celebrated as models of wise public policy during COVID–are discouraging or even not allowing COVID vaccination of children in their health systems, the CDC is recommending that they become standard or even required.

What sparked this controversy, other than the obvious fact that the recommendations is batsh&t crazy, is a segment from the Tucker Carlson show in which the eponymous host said “The CDC is about to add the Covid vaccine to the childhood immunization schedule, which would make the vax mandatory for kids to attend school.”

Both the CDC and Reuters went crazy over this “misinformation.” The CDC correctly notes that they alone cannot mandate any particular vaccine standard for public schools because the final decision is made by the individual states. What they fail to include in their explanation is the fact that a significant number of states–12 or more–just cut and paste those recommendations into their requirements.


Hence the CDC–in these cases at least–is effectively mandating the COVID vaccine for students in those states. And it’s not like the CDC doesn’t like it that way. The whole point of the recommendations is to get everybody to adopt them. It’s not some passive academic exercise–these are recommendations in the same way all such recommendations are: if you don’t do this you are engaged in a dereliction of duty.

The effect of the CDC’s decision goes even further than that since most physicians take their guidance from the CDC and they, in turn, present that guidance to the parents as sound medical advice. By recommending the vaccine in this manner they are ensuring that vast numbers of children will be given this vaccine despite the fact that at least a plurality of the world’s public health advisors think that is a questionable, perhaps even harmful idea.

Denmark, to take just one example, isn’t even offering the COVID vaccine to people who are under 50 years old. Fifty. 5-0. Unless you have an affirmative reason to get the vaccine, you simply can’t.

Yet in the US we are going down to 5 years old. This is insane.

Even vaccine proponents think so, and many are speaking up.


Prasad, by the way, is despised by the COVIDiots on Twitter because his approach is balanced. He is a vaccine proponent and a vaccine skeptic. He worries that the CDC has become fanatical about the COVID vaccines to the extent that science has been thrown out the window. He was an early opponent of keeping schools closed, and generally believes that public policy should not be driven by a single-minded focus on a particular issue, but rather a balance of costs and benefits to individuals and society.

What a radical concept: critical thinking and cost/benefit analysis.

The elite in our society has gone all-in on promoting the fallacy that COVID is equivalent to the bubonic plague, not a particularly bad flu. It is vastly less dangerous than the 1918 flu was, and not nearly as damaging to society as a whole as, say, polio. Certainly, it posed relatively little danger to children. Not to put too fine a point on it: it is not as dangerous as a bad flu–something that you can get banned on social media for saying.

Yet COVID scaremongering has provided the elite with an exceptional excuse to vastly expand their power, transfer vast amounts of wealth to themselves at the expense of everybody else, and institute unprecedented controls on both individuals and the economy. They took a giant leap forward in their plans to tighten their control on the rest of us, and they will not give up the power.

They would rather endanger young children with a useless medical procedure than admit that COVID is endemic and we will have to learn to live with it.


That is the real reason this “fact check” was necessary: downplaying the significance of this power grab. Just as Biden extended the COVID emergency and his emergency powers just after declaring the pandemic “over,” the CDC is playing its part in the kabuki dance. Seize power while keeping the plebs as calm as possible.

When Republicans take over Congress next year, and they will, and then win in 2024, which is likely, they have to clean house. Not just chastise. Not just change policies. They have to fire each of these people.

Sure, they will get cushy jobs elsewhere and be declared martyrs, but getting them as far away from power as possible is the best we can do.

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