Just what we need: a new form of racism

Just what we need: a new form of racism

The Left is so wedded to the idea that all racism is some form of “White Supremacy™” that Charles Blow of the New York Times has created an entirely new category of White Supremacy to worry about: “light supremacy.”

This was Blow’s explanation for the really nasty racist comments made by 3 Latino city council members in Los Angeles. They were discussing how to use the upcoming redistricting in Los Angeles to expand the power of Latinos in LA while minimizing the power held by other racial groups. The comments were blatantly racist–going after blacks, white allies of blacks, and even Mexicans of Native American descent. Nasty stuff indeed.

They were of course only saying crudely what every race-obsessed Leftist is thinking in the racial spoils system that the Left has constructed: our power is based on minimizing the power of other racial groups who necessarily are our enemies and/or competitors. The contempt expressed for people of other races is built into the Left’s intersectional hierarchy, which creates competition for power based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender preference, disability, or whatever protected category you can invent.

Blow, of course, sees this through the lens of White Supremacy™.

I have a theory about the future of America that I don’t want to come true.

It is a theory that worries me and that I have written about: that with the browning of America, white supremacy could simply be replaced by — or buffeted by — a form of “lite” supremacy, in which fairer-skin people perpetuate a modified anti-Blackness rather than eliminating it.

The racist comments revealed this week on a recording of Latino leaders in Los Angeles — three City Council members and a labor union leader — did nothing to allay those fears.

Charles doesn’t want to strike a blow against racism. His entire ideological lens is built on race and racism, and his career depends upon perpetuating racial grievances and blaming everything on whites. It has been a good gig for him, you know.

If the supply of White Supremacy is low (and it must be, given how often the Left has to create hoaxes to maintain the fiction of a KKK member under every bush), invent a new but related enemy. “Light Supremacy” has a nice ring, don’t you think?

In the recordings, the Council president, Nury Martinez, who resigned as Council president on Monday and resigned from the Council on Wednesday, offered the most egregious comments. She insulted people in the crudest, most racially offensive ways, comparing a colleague’s Black son to a monkey and appearing to insult Oaxacans — people from the disproportionately Indigenous Oaxaca region of Mexico — by calling them “little short dark people” who are “ugly.”

But what disturbs me most is the racial, ethnic tribalism of her political calculations. After all, the recording is of a meeting to discuss the city’s once-in-a-decade redistricting process. This is a meeting about power, about who can be helped — or hurt — by how districts are drawn.

Of course they are calculating the power balance in Los Angeles based on racial divisions. Does the Left not calculate everything in terms of race? Especially power balances? That is literally their first priority. In state redistricting the rules explicitly state that districts must be divided up with an eye toward racial balance. Those are rules the Democrats ruthlessly enforce because race is their #1 concern in voting blocs. 

Now I don’t disagree with Blow’s contention that what was being done or said in that room was offensive. Of course it was.

But it is also exactly what Leftists like Blow have been creating for decades. In a racial spoils system, everybody interested in power calculates in terms of race. They would in fact be idiots not to, because not thinking in terms of race just means the more race-obsessed will get all the power and permanently ace you out. That is how they designed it. It is a feature, not a bug.

On the recording, when the former Los Angeles County Federation of Labor president, Ron Herrera, says, “I’m sure Katz and his crew have an agenda,” referring to the former State Assembly member Richard Katz, who is Jewish, Martinez responds that the Jews “cut their deal with South L.A.”

Even more directly, Martinez dismisses one official by saying, “[expletive] that guy … He’s with the Blacks.”

Martinez also says of the adopted Black son of Councilmember Mike Bonin, who is white: “parece ch****ito” (“looks like a little monkey”).

Imagine if a white person said such a thing.

The problem this recording poses is that the people on the call seem to see power among the city’s constituents as a zero-sum game, and in that game, they openly disparaged other groups because of their identities.

Instead of allying with other disadvantaged groups, they diminished them. Their discussion was anti-Black, anti-Indigenous, anti-Jewish.

They were doing the work of white supremacy. And not because they see white power as one and the same as their own. At one point in the recording, while discussing whether the Council member Mark Ridley-Thomas, who is Black, will continue to be paid after his indictment on corruption charges, Martinez says, “It’s not us. It’s the white members on this Council that will [expletive] you in a heartbeat.”

Ironically, that last sentence is exactly Blow’s point of view. He is just arguing in his column that all non-white people should ally together to ace out the whites because they are the real bad guys. Instead, the Latinos have their own “light supremacy” problem, doing the supposed work of the whites.

This is all pure BS. First of all racism is a problem in all racial groups. It is ridiculous to assume that whites are the only race that views others with suspicion. Human beings are tribal by nature, and race is one of the ways that people slice and dice up the population and distinguish an “us” versus “them.” And in a society that has a hyper-focus on race, skin color will become a primary distinguishing feature.

It sucks, but it is true. The only way to change that is to change the way people think of the “in” vs. “out” groups. Lots of characteristics have worked in the past with race having nothing to do with it. In fact, throughout human history, most people never even knew other racial groups existed, yet they found other reasons to hate or be suspicious of other people. How many wars have raged between groups of people from the same race?

Race isn’t the only characteristic that people can distinguish each other as “others.” In fact, throughout most of history, it was only a minor variable, and in many societies it didn’t matter much or at all. Language, regions, accents, dress, class, and nationality. Human beings have an infinite variety of ways we can distinguish each other, and we inevitably do. We always always always find a way to distinguish between an “us” and a “them.”

Ask any foreigner what they think of Americans and they won’t say “all human beings are similar, so I see no difference.” They will provide a long list of positive and negative characteristics that distinguish us as a people from themselves. We do the same. Northerners can tell you about Southerners, and vice-versa. I know plenty of people who hate Southerners as a group. They speak funny and are too polite, and sweet tea sucks anyway.

One time I was looking for a Catholic church when I was visiting a city, and the hotel manager asked me: “Do you want the German Catholic or the Irish Catholic church?” because they were rivals and disliked each other. We pray to the same God in the same way but damn those Germans are rude. Or the Germans may think beer is far superior to whiskey, and anybody who kisses a stone is an idiot.

We divide. It is what we do.

It is people like Blow who focus so much attention on race as the primary factor in tribal distinctions who keep race front and center, and it is their fault that things have gotten this bad in places they run. Race is much less an issue in places not run by liberals, and over time blacks are drifting away from the Left as they get fed up with the incessant focus on race alone. Ask Winsome Sears who became a star in Virginia and a role model for many.

I’m not arguing that Republicans are never racist–that would be ridiculous. Racists come in all flavors.

However, unlike Democrats, we are not obsessed with race and prioritize other issues. Gun rights advocates, for instance, are thrilled that blacks are purchasing guns legally at an increasing rate. They see a whole new group of potential allies on gun rights, not scary blacks with guns. That is why we laugh when liberals assume that we would oppose rising gun ownership among blacks. Are you kidding?! Those new gun owners are going to be a new generation of Republicans in a few years!

I, for one, look forward to the migration of racial minorities to the Republican Party, as is happening already with Latinos who are fed up with Leftists–and this is happening mostly away from Democrat-run cities that divide up power based upon race.

That movement toward Republicans will spread because Democrat policies suck. Most Republicans I know look at the new voters coming in with hope, not the contempt with which Democrats have treated minorities for decades.

Together we can beat back the woke menace and get back to building peace and prosperity. And we can find a new “other” to hate because that is what humans unfortunately do.

I vote for the French. Or as we jokingly called them, the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys.”

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