Patreon promotes child sexual content, bans opponents of child exploitation

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The expansion and implementation of a Chinese-style social credit system is proceeding apace in the US and the West.

The Chinese social credit system is genius, at least if you are a fan of totalitarianism. Citizens get assigned a score based upon their compliance with Communist Party diktats. People with high scores get access to privileges; people with low scores are aced out of access to necessary societal goods such as banking services and travel permits. It is all about crushing dissent, and it works very well.


Facebook, Twitter, GoFundMe, PayPal and credit card companies have jumped on board with the plan to implement the same thing here, and are using their power to reward allies and punish people they disapprove of. And there is lots of evidence that they are coordinating their efforts with Democrats, Leftist non-profits, government officials, and other ideological warriors. “Fact checking,” anyone? Cancel culture?

The point is to exclude conservatives and people not aligned with the elite from society. Literally taking away the necessary means to access goods and services, gain employment, speak openly, or find places to live. They aren’t as far along the path as China, but the plans are there. In the UK they are even talking about duplicating China’s censorship model for the Internet and are about to pass a law implementing it.

This gets me to Patreon banning one of my favorite YouTubers, Sydney Watson. Sydney’s journalism is along the lines of Christopher Rufo and Matt Walsh. She engages in social criticism mirroring their work along with others’ in a pleasant, amusing, entertaining, yet informative manner. Her videos are funny but have a deadly serious purpose.

She avoids saying things that YouTube would censor, and has been pretty successful at it. There is no hard edge, and certainly nothing hateful. But her content goes against the approved narrative™ and must be stopped.


So Patreon banned her. And, as Sydney points out in the video below, Patreon hosts lots of content creators whose sole purpose is to connect “Minor Attracted Persons” (the permissible term for pedophile these days) with content they like. Much of this content is sexually explicit and has to be pixellated out in Sydney’s video.

Don’t just watch the video, by the way. Subscribe to her channel. It helps her reach more people. (I have no connection to her whatsoever).

Promoting sexual attraction to children and filling the erotic needs of “Minor Attracted People” is apparently acceptable on Patreon. When outright forced by circumstances to kick sex offenders off the site they will, but they are perfectly happy to provide a means to funnel money to sexual predators until forced not to. Patreon has been taking some flack and changes may be afoot, but Sydney just got banned so it’s hard to say.

The current controversy was kicked off by an anonymous ex-employee who posted a review of working at Patreon. The review has been deleted, but it said:

We are being told specifically by management and executives NOT to take down content that is illegal or was reported as sexual in nature involving minors unless the police make contact with legal or we have an order by a court.

When others try to inform management that there’s an amalgamation of accounts that are selling lewd photographs of what appear to be children, all concerns are dismissed.


Patreon denies that it does this, but Sydney’s video pretty conclusively demonstrates that they are not telling the truth. Here’s a video describing what appears to be going on at Patreon.


What is going on at @Patreon? #Concerning #Glassdoor #Security #Patreon #SecurityTeam #Trust #Children #Review #Employee #Federal #FBI #WTF #Exploitation @Danesh #ChildSafety #Help #WhatCanWeDo #WhatIsGoingOn

♬ WTF is going on at Patreon – Ben Hughes 🏳️‍🌈

Another TikToker has been trying to get attention focused on this issue, and she is finally getting traction. If you are interested her TikTok page is here.

This opens up the question: why are sexual predators a favored group and their critics disfavored? In a sane world the opposite would be true.

At root the problem is Marxism, and you have to understand the underlying strategy behind it’s promotion. From its inception Marxism was never simply about a reshaping of the economic relations within a society. At its base Marxism is about the reconstruction of the entire society and the creation of a “new man.” One who is completely free of the social constructs that have been the foundation of Western Civilization since its inception.

Marxism requires the complete destruction of Judeo-Christian values, natural law, the family, and any supporting social institutions. Sexual liberation is one of the key tools for achieving this goal, as can been seen in the Marxist literature going back 170 years ago. Sexual liberation is in fact one of the best tools because all human beings have strong sexual desires and it is our morality and social norms that impel us to suppress and channel those into socially acceptable forms.


Removing the moral sense and replacing it with a license to engage in any sexual pleasure you like is a powerful tool for undermining all social structures. “If it feels good, do it” is a great recruiting slogan.

That’s why academics have been pushing the limits of sexual liberation. It is a small part of a larger agenda. And if we don’t fight it here we can kiss our civilization goodbye.

We are already a long way down that path, and momentum is against us. So get off your butt and fight back.

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