Video: Why Big Business Is Good

Liberals love to bash big business. They embrace class warfare and demonize corporate America whenever they want to spook the public into accepting sweeping expansions of government.

Enter the Business Roundtable, which is fighting back in a format that grabs people’s attention in this new media age — animated video. This week the group released the first in a series of short video essays that tell the story of corporate America liberals don’t want told.

“Corporations are designed to make a profit while delivering value to their shareholders,” says the introductory voiceover. “And by doing so they drive economic growth and all the good things that come with it.”

Stay tuned to the Business Roundtable’s YouTube channel for more videos, which will offer a valuable counterpoint to the anti-capitalist agenda being pushed in cutesy but deceptive animated videos like “The Story Of Stuff,” a fear-mongering series of flicks being shown in public schools.

Lee Doran of the Competitive Enterprise Institute critiqued “The Story Of Stuff” at length in a four-part video series last year, but the Business Roundtable’s production takes the defense of corporate America to the next level. It’s further evidence of a long-needed new media awakening on the right.

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