Biden: I won’t underestimate Palin

Vice President Joe Biden is known to have a slip of the tongue or two. Okay, the guy is gaffe-prone.

But are his latest comments about Palin, gaffes or honest assessments?

A few days ago, Biden was on “Morning Joe” and was asked by the hosts about Palin’s reply to Barbara Walters on whether or not she has what it takes to defeat Obama in 2012.

Although Biden thinks Obama can defeat Palin, he is not willing to accept the notion that she may not pull through. Is this another gaffe or a rare dose of truth by Biden?

“I don’t think she could beat President Obama.But, you know, she’s always underestimated.”

“[She’s a] “real force in the Republican Party.”

Sure Biden laughed off the notion of Palin defeating Obama. However, in another interview last Thursday with Larry King, Biden reiterated that Palin is not to be taken lightly:

“Were I a Republican senator or a Republican political leader, I would look and say, ‘Wait, she’s got a good chance of getting the nomination.’ But look, it’s hard enough for us to figure out our side of the aisle, let alone go over and sort of handicap whether she can win or lose.”

So is this any indication that the left is taking Palin seriously? Even the Telegraph, in a snarky, but sobering take, printed an article titled: “President Palin? Don’t dare dismiss it.”

With the recession enduring, and Obama and the Democrats over-reaching with healthcare reform, these are propitious times for a populist such as Palin, especially one from a frontier state that reinforces the nation’s pioneering spirit.

Moreover, the Republican field for the nomination is, to her benefit, wide open. There is no outstanding candidate and her rivals are all men, who will be wary of criticising not only the only woman among them, but the only candidate with a solid nationwide following.

Although liberals, and some republicans like to laugh off a candidate Palin (Barbara Bush told Larry King Palin should “stay in Alaska”), she is the only republican among the 2012 field, that generates any excitement and has the most ardent of fans. Do you think republicans fear her power as a candidate? Do democrats fear she can defeat Obama?

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