Are you ready for the Governor Chris Christie store?

What else can you say about Chris Christie fever sweeping the nation?

The NJ Republican party is capitalizing on the popularity of the governor and making his brand into a profit making business for the state GOP. Yes America, you can have your very own Chris Christie mug, sweatshirt, or lapel pin.

Since the launch of the online store Monday, the NJ GOP Executive Director Robert Cressen said as of last night, the store generated $1,147 in sales.

“There’s a grassroots demand. It’s all part of supporting his image as it grows here in New Jersey and throughout the country.”

Governor Christie is known nationwide for his YouTube clips admonishing pro-union teachers and liberals. His style may be abrasive, but it became an effective tool to  support among those in the state. The famed Hudson River rail tunnel project cancelation, garnered Christie national praise, and even drove the blue state of New Jersey voters to give Christie a 53% to 37% approval for his decision.

Of course, what is a republican generating money for the party if it doesn’t have some snark from the Democrat State Chairman John Wisniewski?

“Christie is more interested in building a national brand for himself than he is in governing New Jersey…

I’m just waiting for the Christie action figures. It will feature a Christie smackdown with a teacher.”

I think some people might actually want that action figure, no?

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