Lila Rose assaulted by Planned Parenthood escort

Lila Rose is a well known pro-life advocate. As the president and founder of Live Action, she’s done a lot of really amazing work exposing Planned Parenthood for what they really are: an evil organization looking to profit off of the slaughter of the unborn by any means necessary. They’ll manipulate women into getting abortions. They’ll lie about the science. And time after time, they’ve been proven to look the other way when cases of alleged statutory rape are presented to them. All of this has been exposed to be light thanks to the hard work of Lila Rose. Whether you are for or against abortion is really irrelevant — every parent in America should be against Planned Parenthood for the crimes they commit and the lack of ethics possessed by this organization.

Given all that, it’s really not a surprise what happened about a month and a half ago. While visiting a clinic in San Jose, CA, a male Planned Parenthood escort approached her… and then struck her.

At approximately 11:50am on Thursday, December 17th, 2009, Live Action President Lila Rose was struck by a male uniformed Planned Parenthood escort. The attack occurred on a public sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood affiliate located at 1691 The Alameda in San Jose, California.

Lila Rose was visiting the abortion clinic with a group of about 20 students and three adults to pray and provide information to women who might be open to abortion alternatives.

According to a police report filed at the scene, supported by several witnesses, the following interaction took place between Miss Rose and the uniformed Planned Parenthood escort:

Rose, from the public sidewalk: “Sir, are you familiar with the abortion procedure?”
Escort approaches Rose rapidly from Planned Parenthood parking lot, says, “You idiot. You’ve caused so much trouble. You piece of crap.”
Rose offers to show Escort a picture: “Can I show you a picture of what it really does to a baby?”
The Escort strikes Miss Rose’s hand, knocking literature and Bible to the ground. Rose steps further back on sidewalk, Escort steps towards Rose.
Escort, visibly shaking, says, “It’s a woman’s choice!”
Rose says, “What about the baby’s choice?”
Escort says, “It’s not a baby!” Escort turns around and walks away.

Police were called and interviewed the victim and several witnesses. Rose sustained no injuries from the attack. Charges of assault and battery are pending. There have been no apologies.

Live Action maintains a strong commitment to non-violent public discourse. We expect Planned Parenthood will respond to their escort’s attack by publicly disavowing the use of violence.

I was asked by Live Action to try to contact Planned Parenthood and get a response from them about this incident. I genuinely wanted to know their side of the story. Have they done their own investigation into this? Is the escort, a Gerard Nordley, still working with Planned Parenthood? Do they have a statement? Will they issue an apology?

I called their public relations department repeatedly for over a month. I left message after message. I never received a single phone call to follow up about this incident, or a single e-mail. This leads me to believe that Lila Rose’s statement is indeed accurate, and that Planned Parenthood is trying to keep this quiet. I understand the role of escorts for abortion clinics, and approaching the abortion protestors is not in the job description. Assaulting them is definitely not. Lila wasn’t hurt, thankfully, but what happens next time? If this man wasn’t even disciplined for his actions, what will keep him from taking it a step further with someone else? And if Planned Parenthood does not discipline this man in any way, or issue an apology to Lila Rose, then you have to assume that they approve of his behavior.

Just one more thing to add to the list of reasons why this organization is truly rotten to the core.

UPDATE: I wanted to issue a note to clear up the confusion surrounding the Gerard – Gerald Nordley website. I contacted Lila to confirm that the man on the website is indeed the man who assaulted her, and she did. Also, the church he says he attends on his website is apparently not far from San Jose, CA. Hope that answers some questions.

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