Videos: Hillary vs Obama in Texas, compare and contrast

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both have new ads up in Texas in the runup to the March 4 primary. It’s high stakes for both but higher for Hillary; a loss and she’s all but out. Check out the ads that both are running. First up, Hillary’s ad, “Lifetime.”

A friend of mine in Texas saw this on TV and says Hillary looks drained. I agree. She’s trying to come off as emotive but she just seems tired. And the line that she gets up every morning wanting to help someone just doesn’t ring true. She’s a Clinton. It’s a self-serving and self-centered line similar to the “I have so many opportunities” line she gave while crying in NH. It’s not truly focused on helping people but bragging about how much she intends to help people. Big difference.

Here’s Obama’s ad, “Our Moment is Now.”

Obama isn’t drained, he’s on fire. In his typical say-nothing-specific fashion, he comes off as including the voters in whatever it is that he wants to do, and the whatever is left vague enough that voters can pour their own desires into Obama’s intentions and claim him as their own. He’s not an empty suit so much as he has made himself an empty vessel into which you can pour whatever you want.

Me, I want the government securing the country, killing jihadi bad guys and staying out of my way. Right now the government wants to stay in my face and out of the terrorists’ way. I guess that’s why I don’t like either of these two candidates or the party they come from.