Video: "Dude" Incident in Baltimore: The Sequel

Remember the Baltimore police officer who got into a “dude” match with skateboarding kids? Well, he also got into an altercation with an artist who admittedly ran an annoying little psychological experiment at the city’s Inner Harbor. The artist put a remote control car under a box and moved it around, taping people’s reactions. Real original, there, genius. He probably won a $60,000 NEA grant for it.

Click the image to play. If you feel like it, stick around for the unbelievably cheezy promo for the station’s weather guy that follows it. I really don’t know why TV stations think audiences give a whit for seeing their weather guy dance badly.


What do you think this guy’s deal is? I’m guessing that the silly-looking patrol car he’s forced to shoehorn himself into has at least a little to do with all that anger.