Three Afghans nabbed with fake Mexican passports

Nothing to see here, move along.

Three Afghan nationals were arrested at the Nedumbaserry International Airport, near here, today for travelling on fake Mexican passports, Immigration officials said.

The three were earlier in the day deported from Kuwait after authorities there doubted their claim to be Mexican nationals.

Immigration and other security officials interrogated the three for several hours and finally arrested them on charges of travelling on forged passports.

According to Immgiration officials, they were Afghan nationals trying to go to France. However, their real names have not been disclosed so far.

The Mexican passports which they were carrying identified them as Antonio Lopez Juan (42), Javier Sanchez Alberto (20) and Atonio Lopez Ernesto (16). They had left from Nedumbaserry Airport on February 11 for Kuwait en route to France.

However, the emigration officials at Kuwait had found them to be suspects as they reportedly could not understand any Spanish. They also suspected the passports to be forged. The three were then deported to Nedumbaserry today.

Nedumbaserry? Indeed. I’m sure there’s no significance at all to the fact that they just happened to have faked Mexican passports. It’s not like those would make it easier to get into the US or anything.

(h/t Jihad Watch)