Texas' highest criminal court upholds murder of unborn twins

Dwayne Horner has the story, and its implications.

With Texas now in focus on the Democrats side, perhaps someone will ask them about this case in their Texas Presidential Debate:

The Texas Court of upheld a second conviction for the homicide of an unborn child under Texas’ Prenatal Protection Act.The case, Flores v. Texas (Case No. PD-0265-07), involved the double murder of twin unborn baby boys.

According to court documents, Gerardo Flores stomped on the abdomen of his pregnant girlfriend at 20-21 weeks of gestation and caused the babies to be born dead two days later. Flores was convicted in district court in 2005 on two counts of capital murder and received a life sentence The baby boys were named, given a funeral, and buried with headstones by the mother’s family. Gerardo Flores appealed the conviction to the 9th Court of Appeals in Beaumont and finally to the Court of Criminal Appeals. Flores argued that he was merely trying to help his girlfriend abort the children at her request, that he should not be prosecuted for murder, and that the Prenatal Protection Act is unconstitutional. The Court disagreed.

Read the rest. This strikes me as an unambiguous victory for the cause of protecting the sanctity of life.