NAACP's Julian Bond calls for DNC to seat FL, MI delegates

Seating the delegates would both go against what the DNC said it would do and it would overwhelmingly benefit Hillary Clinton. She was the only one on the ballot in MI, and she was the de facto winner in Florida. Why does Bond want them seated? If you guessed that identity politics is playing a role, you know your leftwing politics.

A prominent civil rights leader has told the Democratic National Committee that refusing to seat delegates from Florida and Michigan would disenfranchise both states’ minority communities.

In a Feb. 8 letter to DNC Chairman Howard Dean, NAACP chairman Julian Bond expressed “great concern at the prospect that million of voters in Michigan and Florida could ultimately have their votes completely discounted.” Refusing to seat the states’ delegations could remind voters of the “sordid history of racially discriminatory primaries,” he said.

Not seating the 366 total delegates would have nothing to do with any racial history, of course. It might remind voters that Hillary’s word is worthless and the primary season was a mess. The NAACP just doesn’t know how to play any other card than the race card, so onto the table it glides.

But think about it. Suppose the NAACP persuades the DNC to seat those delegates, thereby handing the nomination to…Hillary. Could Bond be doing this to keep Barack Obama from blasting all the old race baiters and mau mauers into political oblivion by doing something that they never could, and without their help? Is Julian Bond that cynical?

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