Berkeley update: Code Pink lives up to its usual self; plus Harry Reid weighs in Update: The Semper Fi Act might pass tonight

According to an email that went out to Pat Dollard as well as Michelle, Code Stink accosted the Move America Forward protesters who were on hand to support the troops today. The local and state police didn’t help out when asked.

Berkeley erupted in violence Tuesday morning when the Communist, terrorist-supporting anti-war group crossed into Martin Luther King Park and assaulted pro-troop individuals. Riot police stood by, but did not stop the assaults.

Police agencies did not respond to calls for help.

Move America Forward, the nation’s largest pro-troop organization, received permits from the City of Berkeley to hold a daylong demonstration in MLK park against the City Council who passed three outrageous resolutions calling U.S. Marines “unwanted intruders.”

“It is mayhem on here,” MAF communications director Danny Gonzalez said from the park early Tuesday morning.

On the Hill, other Code Stinkers are roaming the hallways to pester Senators. According to a source:

About 6-8 Code Pinkers just came by our office in Russell to protest the Semper Fi bill… They are going to all the cosponsors offices and demanding to speak with the Senators, while filming with a video camera the whole time. They’ve dropped off a pink flyer, a photo of Marine 2nd Lt. Shane Childers (first American killed in Iraq) and about 20 pages of printed out emails in support of the Berkeley resolution. I imagine that pales in comparison to the number that have signed the petition.

Hopefully that video will turn up soon. These people certainly aren’t shy about their insanity.

Also on the Hill, Sen. Harry Reid was asked about the Berkeley city council’s anti-Marine antics at a Democrat press conference today.

QUESTION: Do you think the statement made by the Berkeley City Council was appropriate? What should the response of the United States Senate be?

REID: To be very honest with you, I don’t know what the Berkeley City Council said. I have enough trouble keeping track of the Las Vegas City Council, so I’m sorry…

QUESTION: They said the Marines were not welcome in Berkeley.

REID: Well, if they said that, I’m disappointed. The Marine Corps should be welcome anyplace in the United States.

Yes they should. For once, I agree with Dingy Harry.

Update: The DeMint Semper Fi (*and Universal Hippie Punch) Act might get its chance shortly. Unless some senator sneaks in an objection, it could be passed by unanimous consent as early as tonight. That would mean that Harry Reid’s gambit flopped.

(front page photo from CNN, h/t William Amos)

*not actually in the title of the bill