Video: John Bolton makes the case for McCain at CPAC

AmSpec’s blog has the run-down from Bolton’s CPAC speech today. I’ve seen some of the speech on video and Bolton makes a good case that we can’t depend on the wilderness and return storyline to re-capture the White House. Video here thanks to Allah.

Bolton said it was now clear that he would be the nominee, and specifically addressed those who argue that conservatives would be better off in the long run if Democrats win and mess things up than if mistakes are associated with a Republican. He compared this logic to Vladimir Lenin’s declaration that “worse is better” and said that “tactical domestic considerations” shouldn’t be allowed to harm our national security.

If the choice is between a view supported by John Bolton, a man who has been in the arena and fought the fights with his own fists, and a view supported by Ann Coulter, well, Bolton’s view is probably the one that will ultimately win out.

Sam Stein says Bolton is batting for McCain in the hope that McCain wins and names him SecState. No way. Bolton cares about the war and national security and wants to see America protected from jihadists. Bolton knows that neither of the Democrat contenders get it. He sees McCain as the superior choice. Bolton also knows that there’s no way he could get through the Democrat Senate and be confirmed as SecState. Sometimes a tree is just a tree, folks.