Lurch blames the tornadoes on global warming

Only a Boston Brahmin could possibly be this stupid. And crass, craven and cynical.

Politicians using tragedy to advance an agenda has been a tried-and-true strategy. Paint the idea green and a natural catastrophe became political fodder for former Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry (Mass.).

Kerry appeared on MSNBC on February 6 to discuss storms that have killed at least 50 people throughout the Southeastern United States. So, of course, Kerry used the platform to advance global warming alarmism.

“[I] don’t want to sort of leap into the larger meaning of, you know, inappropriately, but on the other hand, the weather service has told us we are going to have more and more intense storms,” Kerry said. “And insurance companies are beginning to look at this issue and understand this is related to the intensity of storms that is related to the warming of the earth. And so it goes to global warming and larger issues that we’re not paying attention to. The fact is the hurricanes are more intensive, the storms are more intensive and the rainfall is more intense at certain places at certain times and the weather patterns have changed.”

Actually, Jenjis, the science is a lot less settled than you think. If you’re going to opine on complex issues like the weather, do try to keep up. And speaking as someone who grew up in Texas’ tornado alley, we’ve had tornados since pretty much forever. They come in swarms. They cause mass deaths and havoc. It takes a special kind of power-tripping politician to assume and assert that global warming has anything to do with it.