Debate highlights: Hillary opposes DLs for illegals because then they might get caught; "Good try, Wolf!"

Listen carefully to the priorities that inform Hillary Clinton’s reasons to oppose granting drivers licenses for illegal aliens. It’s not about enforcing the law. It’s about circumventing the law.

Partial transcript:

HRC: I do not think it is appropriate to give a drivers license to someone who is here undocumented, putting them frankly at risk, because that is clear evidence that they are not here legally.

Meaning, getting a DL might make it easier for immigration authorities to enforce immigration law. How awful that would be!

Hillary’s bottom line is to side with lawbreakers against the law-abiding on this, both law-abiding citizens and law-abiding immigrants who played by the rules. That is appalling.

Update: Slim pickins’ in the highlights tonight. Lots of surrendercratics, lots of heavy socialism, not a lot of honesty. Here’s Hillary Clinton getting huffy when Wolf Blitzer asks if she was naive to have trusted President Bush.

Why didn’t Wolf ask Obama if he’s naive for thinking that talking with Iran might have persuaded them to change course in 2003. If anything did, it wasn’t talk, it was the invasion of Iraq that he opposed.

Update: Blast from the past! Was it just a few short months ago that Hillary Clinton supported granting drivers licenses to illegal aliens because it was a safety or whatever issue? Why yes, yes it was.