Audio: Anti-Mitt phone message making the rounds in Florida

The Romney-McCain clash in Florida has gone negative on both sides. I’m on the record as not caring much about negative campaigning as long as what the candidates and their ads and phoners say is based on fact, but it is a turn-off to some voters and candidates usually make a point of talking about how negative the other guy has gone while neglecting to mention that they’ve gone negative too. We’ve all of that in Florida over the past week or so.

Here’s an example of the robo-calls that Florida residents have endured as today’s vote has neared. This one happens to be a McCain call, but both candidates are using them. The reader who sent it to us has this to say about it.

I thought you might be interested in a very deceptive recorded phone call which begins with ‘This is an urgent Mitt Romney message…’ then launches into a negative and false attack on Mitt Romney and his record. This in spite of the fact McCain was just on all the local Orlando affiliate news programs last night speaking of Romney going negative and saying it won’t work in FL just like it didn’t in IA, NH, etc. This particular call was received in Central Florida, but is likely going out across the state. Jonathan Martin at has already written about this and confirmed it is from the McCain campaign.