McCain's connection to...$oro$?

Let me preface this post by saying that I would love to support John McCain for president. I would loooooove it. Electing him to the presidency would be the biggest and boldest finger in the eye to the Clinton crowd that this country could possibly provide. While Bill Clinton was protesting the Vietnam War from England, making a mysterious trip to the USSR, dodging the draft and declaring that he “loathes the military,” John McCain was in the clutches of the North Vietnamese as their guest at the Hanoi Hilton. Five years John McCain spent in that hellhole, while Clinton was shagging coeds in the back of his El Camino and maintaining his “political viability.” Electing John McCain, especially if he’s matched up against Hillary Clinton, would punch more hippies in one minute than Fred Thompson can punch in a year.


The problem with electing John McCain to the presidency is that he would actually serve as president, so you have think past the glory of the moment when all those Vietnam War protesters realize that they have been rejected, to consider what kind of president McCain would actually make. And I don’t think he would make a very good one. It’s not just that he still doesn’t get it when it comes to border security. It’s not just that he really doesn’t know much about economics (though he does have impressive advisers around him). It’s not just that he’s weak on the rights of captured terrorists. And it’s not just that he’s apparently yet another unreliable Republican on judges. And it’s not just that he’s apparently funded by George Soros. It’s all of that. Put it all together, and I think McCain’s weaknesses outweigh his strengths, however wonderful it might be to elect him as a statement against the 1960s anti-America crowd. And believe it, that would be wonderful.

As for the Soros connection, Michelle has it. Go read it. McCain’s patriotic and honorable supporters really need to ask themselves some questions about all this. George Soros has been using millions of his billions to fund some of the most dishonest anti-war agitprop of the past few years. He funds MoveOn, the group that smeared Gen. David Petraeus. He funds the anti-war marchers. He funds the shills over at Media Matters. Soros has made it his life’s work to destroy the Bush administration in the middle of a war. He’s a truly despicable character. And McCain and at least two of McCain’s allies, including Juan Hernandez, are financially connected to him.

McCain certainly has some amazing strengths, especially in his biography of heroic service, but he carries some incredible baggage as well.