Debate hightlights: Dueling demagogues; Hillary gets booed for challenging Obama's "present" votes

The Hillary campaign has been dishonest on Obama’s Reagan remarks from the beginning (as has Edwards), but that didn’t stop Hillary from mischaracterizing them during tonight’s debate one more time. The exchange gets heated, with Obama eventually slamming Hillary’s career as a corporate lawyer on the Wal-Mart board and Hillary bringing up Obama’s association with Tony Rezko. For those of us who don’t like either one of these people, it’s a chance to see them both lose an exchange since neither one comes off as presidential or even particularly likable.

Highlight #2 features the spectacle of a Clinton hitting someone else for being tough to pin down and get a straight answer from. Hillary earns a boo here and Obama ends up winning the exchange by turning his “present” votes into what sounds like defensible legislative strategy imho.

Update: John Edwards is a silly man. He just said that he thinks he can compete against John McCain anywhere in America. He’s not even competitive in his own party anymore and didn’t even bring either of his home states to the Kerry column in 2004. He’s doing worse in this year’s primaries than he did four years ago. His national competitiveness has not been demonstrated at all.